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11/29/2011 c29 clara954
The teacher's point-of-view is especially interesting. I'm still a bid sad, but I really like the way this chapter is written. By the way, what is your defintion of "a dual sorting" (from your poll)? Please update again soon!
11/29/2011 c28 clara954
*sniffles* Poor Harry! I love the way this chapter is sad yet so touching at the same time. My favorite part is "Harry thought it was funny that some were bragging at having a 76% over someone else's 75%" because "95% sat on the top of his paper." That makes me laugh every time I read it. Please update again soon!
11/29/2011 c29 183Luiz4200
He had a friend who worked for a high-class advanced school that wasn't too far from Surrey, and she told him about a student in her class who always raised her hand and finished her assignments… But she overdid them, and when she tried to help the other students his friend had admitted that she was bossy and overconfident about it. His friend had also admitted that sometimes her answers were too by-the-book.


And, when I read the title "A Band of Teachers", I was so sure they'd finally confront that principal or go to the school board behind his back.
11/29/2011 c29 Janelly Slytherin
TT^TT just reading the first bit of his story made me cry, lol Poor Mr. Baryn didn't get it, but if i was a teacher i would also think his friend was human. Yay i'm mentioned whoot! LOL two chapters in one go your on fire,lol its funny you also kinda made a mention of hermione without mentioning hermione. kool!
11/28/2011 c29 Hayden Elrics
Imagining Voldey saying "Massassauga" in parseltongue :P
11/28/2011 c29 DarkRavie
Another great chapter! I look forward ot reading more of this story. It is very good.
11/28/2011 c28 DarkRavie
Another very good chapter. I look froward to reading what happens enxt in your fic.
11/28/2011 c28 Hayden Elrics
Don't stress yourself out Doodle, you're writing this for fun, we're just the lucky recipients :)

Poor Harry.. And Mr. Baryn must be thinking some wild things at the mo :P
11/25/2011 c27 amarilis
I just discovered your story and I love it!

I started with the first chapter and I did not stop until the last one.

You have a really unique way of writing and I really like the way this story is going.

I cannot wait to read more. Keep up the good work
11/24/2011 c27 portalefiamme
nice chapter!

I love Harry's observation of his schoolmates, it is interesting how you made his emargination a fact of his mind. he saw his schoolmates as two groups which behaviors must be examined becouse are irrational. it is like Harry is normal and the other aren't.

Moreover I like that Harry sing to is plant. It is near the event in which his garden will speak to him.

now, I will go and vote the house in which I think Harry will be... I have already said it, but I want to repeat myself: he is a Raven.

He can't be a puff or a gryffindor, he doesn't undestand people and can't be friendly... and I don't see this Harry run in the danger or make irrational choses.

He could be a Slytherin, but I didn't see him in that house. even if I love a slytherin Harry.

He love read, he have a drive to learn and he can undestand the world in a different way as normal people. and who are genius if not people that think in different way?

Moreover... Luna is a Raven, and this Harry is so like Luna!

sooo... I said my mind! Now I have to vote!

until next time!


11/24/2011 c27 Hayden Elrics
umm, couldn't see the poll, so I'm voting here: HUFFLEPUFF!

And a name.. Perhaps "Curabitur et Lacus" (Google translator's version of Green & Yellow) or perhaps "Deep Roots" / "Dig Deep"


11/23/2011 c27 Janelly Slytherin
LOL so he smells of Flower, Poor harry. LOL TT^TT going to miss childharry, but also can't wait to see him flourish at hogwarts. He's going to be great at herbology. LOL

~Happy Thanksgiving! From Janelly And Jahzara
11/23/2011 c27 Reader AZ
I think Harry should be in Hufflepuff as he is a gentle person and would be a very loyal friend if he had the chance. Other than that Gryffindor or, if he is smart enough, Ravenclaw. Not Slytherin as the people in his year all seem to be death eater’s children.
11/23/2011 c27 2T. H. Enesley
Just found your story and added it to "story alert". I enjoy finding new writers that can write well. I do not enjoy hearing them beg for reviews. Personally, i have problems spelling and quit writing on this site when it became obvious most reviewers fancied themselves as spelling police. I encourage you to make your story your own. Write if you have something to say. Quit counting reviews and be confident that your work is good when people add your story to their reading lis whether or not they review.
11/23/2011 c27 DarkRavie
Another very good chapter. I look forward to reading what happens next in your fic.
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