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11/23/2011 c27 firstar28
If you wanted to post the story and keep it a fanfiction, why don't you try a frame narative? For example, you could have a character, such as Harry or Max or someone completely different, stumble accross the story years later. You could start the frame with them finding it, then put in the story as they read it, then finish the frame with their reaction. It would be a good way for you to expand your writing skills and make you a more versatile author. This is just an idea, but you might want to try it if you really want to post Harry's story.
11/23/2011 c27 Alexander Lacerta
Really enjoying this story its very good :D

i got an idea for the next story title: It's Still Green

like it?

hehe i know its terrible but it made me giggle...

and taking into account Harry's personality in this story along with his mannerisms and observational skills i would say he is either a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff, i think Hufflepuff would be better for Harry because he could then (friendship) bond with a Hufflepuff Nev cause Griffindor sucks mmkay?
11/23/2011 c27 Not-A-Spy
Perhaps you ought to put less effort into letting us know when you shall update, and more effort into writing.

Also, you should know that the British version of the cooties is that someone has "lurgy".

Otherwise, good show!
11/23/2011 c27 clara954
*rolling on floor laughing* Sniffing? Cooties? This chapter is hilarious! By the way, the only poll in your profile was which story of yours we think is the best. Please update again soon!
11/23/2011 c27 gaul1
good chapter, keep up the good work, as for the story, if you have the same characters, and have similar context, it would still be fanfiction, It would be AU or OOC out of context if it is to far from the harry potter brand. I should note there are stories in the realm of fanfiction that show what would happen if harry was muggle, or if harry went ballet, or other odd lines, where hogwarts translates to some other types of school and situation, and these would all have a storyline of fanfiction.. one of the first fanfictions took one characters from a known story and made it into an entirely new story, This being Wide Sargasso Sea, that took a character from Jane Eyre, i believe it was.but this was published...Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate the turkey day...
11/23/2011 c27 8hentai18ancilla
I wish Harry would use his money to rent an apartment. Seriously. Or something!
11/23/2011 c27 clexfan

1. because he won't ever have to worry about the muggles again once he & the goblins talk to sprout

2. he & Sprout will be really simpatico because of his plant thing and god help dumbledore if he tries his little games w/ one of her kits. she'll use his boney ass as fertilizer for the womping willow.

3. I can so see max as a puff after all he's been going to the bank every other day w/ Harry for ages, he might " take him shopping" and buy Harry his hogarts stuff w/ the money he had been paid effectively giving it back.
11/22/2011 c26 hentai18ancilla
I hope Harry begins to care about the fact that he is shorter than his age, fixing his eyes, etc HE can escape! As an abused kid myself I know that we plot and connive of ways to escape our daily hell when we are young. Patience is all you need, yes it's not in me to fight back at the moment I am being menaced, to physically defend myself. But later? Hell yeah! (with no physical exertion just my mind I mean) Harry seems bright enough, his abuse should be reported. I think the signs are beyond obvious!
11/22/2011 c26 DarkRavie
I really like your fic and look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
11/21/2011 c26 mrpietan
Just finished up to here. Ch26. Well done. Just a small nit. Why don't the teachers ask a colleague to sit in on a class and evaluate Harry. By passing the principle. Look forward to reading more
11/21/2011 c26 2fireboltfx
This is extremely well written keep it up
11/21/2011 c26 14sachaelle
if he doesn't want to wear glasses he could always try contact

that way he'll kill 2 bird in 1 stone
11/21/2011 c26 clara954
Harry's reasoning is so adult, and twisted as well, from his poor childhood. Also, you misspelled Griphook as "Giphook." I'm looking forward to the next chapter, so please update again soon!
11/21/2011 c26 gaul1
interesting introspection of max, btw, was it max did or did not mind harry staying at the shop..? as it say if max minded and the answer was yes, but is the the accepting that it cant be done, or is it just accept that yes he can stay at the shop...
11/20/2011 c26 1dragonDraw
this is a very awesome story i cannot wait for more :)
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