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11/20/2011 c26 Hayden Elrics
Still waiting on the book! :D And it was so sweet of you to remind us to study/work when we should. #FistBump


(P.S. Is it cold everywhere? wtfff)
11/20/2011 c26 Janelly Slytherin
aww it's always cute to know Harry's Mind, lol he should treat himself to some contacts, lol Max seems like a good Friend, i do wonder what harry's story contained that many loved it. and once again you have outdone yourself with another awesome chapter.
11/20/2011 c25 portalefiamme
Hi! You are evil! You are such a teaser!

I want to kill that headmaster! He is stupid! He believes to the Dusley instead of harry, a boy of 6-7-8, and his teacher (not one teacher but, what 4?). It is not like he has so much to do! Only test Harry! In a room with only the boy and two teacher, so he can cheat!

However I love the reaction of Max! You didn't write of it, but the fact that he keep a copy of the story said enough! Very emotional! ;) 

Thanks for sharing! Until next time!

11/19/2011 c25 1Sheevera
Wow. This is amazing. I decided to read all the chapters you have so far, and I love it. Really good job.
11/19/2011 c25 99997777733
...wow...thats all I can say.

This is an absolutely amazing story. I'm really loving it.

Keep up the brilliant work. I look forward to the next chapter!

11/19/2011 c25 13relative1983
Found your story today, and read every chapter so far (obviously). I really love the writing style, and characterisation (sp?) that you've done.

I am a teacher myself (primary school) and there's just one thing bothering me about this story. The principal! No way would the principal behave like that in my school. In fact,she would probably have Child Services on the Dursleys case for not taking proper care for their nephew.

I understand that your principal is just for the story, but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

I'm looking forward to reading more.

Please excuse any spelling mistakes I have made in this review, as English is not my native language.

11/19/2011 c25 2history
I like your story! I find it really original! I like how Harry's teacher and Harry are. I like too that Harry is a good student. I don't find your chapter too short and i find it really great that you publish one chapter by week. I wonder how Harry will react when he will see Who is the director of Hogwarts? I hope too that Harry will be friend with another that Ron and Hermione, that there won't have a golden trio, perhaps Harry will be in another house that Gryffondor and that he won't be with Ginny or Hermione in a pairing ( not my favorite pairing). After you can do what you want and i hope that you won't take too bad.
11/19/2011 c25 Frost angel
This chapter has a Matilda theme if you read the book or watxhed the movie
11/19/2011 c25 clara954
Is it wrong that this chapter made me imagine the principal being tarred and feathered? Anyway, my favorite things this chapter are Harry's reaction to the taunting and your use of the word "buggy." Please update again soon!
11/19/2011 c25 3Satsukifujin
Ok.. so I didn't stop reading like I intended. Merely got off the bright computer and on to the 'easier on the eyes' Kindle and read this all the way through last night. XD Very good story, I'm enjoying it a lot! And I really like Max and the teachers. Keep it up!
11/19/2011 c25 185Luiz4200
What's wrong with this principal? Why can't he consider the possibility Harry is the victim here?
11/19/2011 c25 1crazyNproud
I love it! I can't wit for the next chapter! I am enjoying this different take on Harry's childhood! Keep it up.
11/19/2011 c12 sanyal
My sister told me that they bleed later occasionally ...

A tattoo is usually red and swollen like a bruise for the first few days and then the swelling goes. A well made tattoo should not bleed at all.
11/19/2011 c25 redfenix238
Good story. Update soon!
11/19/2011 c25 clexfan
wow what is that guys problem?
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