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11/19/2011 c5 1Kiirei
Interesting concept, very believable Harry-Pov (its hard to make a kid sound like.. well a kid) *g* Im looking forward to reading more of this!
11/18/2011 c25 Janelly Slytherin
Poor Harry seems The principal is a douche!... ahem i mean, no no i meant it, lol its awesome you update fairly quick its like everyday i see and update, cool! o
11/18/2011 c8 3Satsukifujin
Title of the fanfic! Oh... I should go to sleep. Enjoying this a bit too much.
11/18/2011 c6 Satsukifujin
Poor Harry, I want to smack me some Dursleys. :(
11/18/2011 c24 ItsBeenADecade
Aaaaahhh! I want to read Harry's story ASAP! It sounds extremely interesting and I can't wait to see how he wrote about Samuel! I really like Baryn and Ms. Brush is very nice as well. I hope they can continue to support Harry throughout the story... Is Baryn ever going to connect Dudley's story with his home life with Harry? Is anyone going to find out how the Dursleys treat him even a bit? I must find out! update asap!
11/18/2011 c24 potteraddict
Now I really want to read Harry's short story if he can make Max all quiet and the Baryns cry! I thought Mr. Baryn's opinion on Dudley's story to be a bit funny...even he can be "severely underwhelmed" lol. don't mind me, I find humor in the weirdest of things.

Anyway! Please update soon! I almost missed my class today reading your story; it's just that good!
11/18/2011 c23 potteraddict
Aw, Harry's spent so much time on his story. How adorable! I wonder what Max's original reaction was to reading the story...did he cry? Did he make that extra copy to put on his shelf for his customers to read? Imagine reading an emotional story by THE Harry Potter...in a tattoo shop of all places! Imagine the faces on Malfoy or even Voldemort to see such a thing at a place like that!

Oh, I'm just so curious! When Harry goes to Hogwarts, will him and Draco be enemies? I enjoy reading when they don't hate each other...I can imagine the Slytherins not really bullying Harry since he has such an awesome affinity with plants! Like Neville? Maybe those two will be best friends...I can see that happening over Harry and Ron being best friends! Ah, I'm ranting again...anyway, awesome writing as always!
11/18/2011 c24 14April Dawn Irene
I was anxiously waiting for these two chapters. Now I'm biting my nails waiting to see chapter 25.

I would love to know just what about Harry's story is so disturbing.
11/18/2011 c24 April Dawn Irene
I was anxiously waiting for these two chapters. Now I'm biting my nails waiting to see chapter 25.

I would love to know just what about Harry's story is so disturbing.
11/18/2011 c21 Potteraddict
I'm always eager to read your story. Yeah the Discovery channel and History channels can be pretty gruesome and suspenseful like Harry's pic is. I liked how you made all of Harry's past teachers all get together! It helped me understand Harry more from an outsider's point of view.

I can't believe a principal thinks so badly of a child like Harry when he's never even really interacted with him! Darn Dursleys! ***goes to find toothpicks to stab them with..***
11/18/2011 c20 Potteraddict
This one was nice... A smooth transaction to introduce Harry and his new environment... I wonder about Harry's ability to speak with his eyes: is this like a magical ability or his imagination when he "stare/speaks" with animals and other children?
11/18/2011 c24 gaul1
great chapter, wonders what harry's story would look like and if he noted anything of his uncle killing something, should be an interesting read, a story in a story...had an interesting tangent while thinking on your story, if harry can communicate with animals, could Luna communicate with bacteria and other pathogens...good or bad...they are everywhere, just not visible...to the fomb, the harry potter ff cliche would be fudge, and Umbritch given their usual story lines, can honestly say that i have not seen fomb before...Take care
11/17/2011 c24 clara954
I enjoy how people react to Harry's story. I can't wait to read the actual book. Please update again soon!
11/17/2011 c23 clara954
I really like it that Harry is getting more independent in this chapter. There are hilarious descriptions in here, my favorite of which is squishy. Please update again soon!
11/17/2011 c24 Janelly Slytherin
another wonderful chapters!
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