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11/12/2011 c17 brighteyes343

update soon
11/12/2011 c17 potteraddict
Something I was wondering about is how old Harry is. I know that he got his tattoo and he was around seven or eight, but some time has passed since then, so how old is he? And what about Dumbledore? Did he give back the cloak? Ask the goblins why they were investigating the Potter vaults? ...Ah, I totally loved the Owl scene. Those must be Hedwig's parents...no wonder Hedwig acts so fondly towards Harry...please! Let Harry get Hedwig when he goes to Hogwarts!

When you said that you were ten chapters ahead from the last one...and then ten chapters ahead when you posted this one, what does that mean? You had a completed 25 beforehand right? So does this mean you now have a total of 35 or 45 chapters done for this story? How far along is this story going to be? Like will it continue after Harry's first year? Second? Fifth?

Sorry for so many questions but your story is just so interesting to read! Makes me all curious!
11/12/2011 c16 potteraddict
I had meant to review when I had first read all your chapters like half a week ago, but school got in the way. Anyway, here I am now! I felt a bit sorry for Harry when the goblins had glared at him. Poor kid didn't even know he was making a goblin social blunder. Ooh, I wouldn't want to be Dumbledore right now. Never a good idea to mess with the goblins! Also, I'm pretty curious as to why the Longbottoms would have access to his vaults...getting interesting!
11/12/2011 c15 potteraddict
I enjoy how Harry applies his life lessons to all life forms, including goblins. His inner thoughts are pretty interesting to read. I especially like how the Goblins are freaking out over Harry being all polite to them and making them wonder if they have spies in their society or not. Awesome to read as always!
11/12/2011 c6 potteraddict
I truly enjoy reading your story! It makes me wonder what kind of adults find humor in allowing their dog to attack a child: BAD Dursleys...lol...Anyway, it's so hard not to feel sorry for Harry...Keep up the good work. The chapters are kind of short but work with how Harry is learning each time we read about him...does that make sense?
11/12/2011 c17 Cloudwatcher
Just found this story, and had to read it all the way through.

You've done an excellent job of showing Harry developing as time goes on. I would like to see how Harry's affinity for plants develops and his staring conservation with people and animals. If you carry this story On into Hogwarts what house are you putting him in, as to me he seem to show quite a lot of Hufflepuff qualities at the mo, well the hardworking bit at least

Keep up the good work
11/12/2011 c17 clara954
This is my favorite chapter so far, and the funniest part of it is Harry's finding a store with dools of him. Please update again soon!
11/12/2011 c17 ItsBeenADecade
Yay another chapter! I loved Harry's little explorations. And the way you threw Hedwig's parents (at least I think that's what you did...) in there was absolute genius and really original! Can't wait for the next chapter and your AN really increased the anticipation! 24 hours and counting :P

P.S. The image of a smug snake is somehow incredibly adorable... Especially if it's Samuel :D
11/12/2011 c17 portalefiamme
Nice! Do You know what I was thinking at the and of 16 chapter? What if Harry will decide to invest in the market of the muggle word? Said buy some house in little surrey? Of some factory with the name that begin with the letter G? It would be funny if Vernon will send away Harry and the day after Harry return with some people, like police and lawyers, and "sorry uncle, but this house is mine, and there is my Garden, so you, and not I, need to go away." Vernon will be so Red that will try to kill the boy but there is the police soo... :)

How much time before Max will keep some space in his shop for keep the books of harry? Or before Harry will buy the book shop in the alley so he will be able to read the book without bring them out of the shop?

Yes, I know, I am thinking to much to the billion of galleon that Harry have... Or I'm thinking to much how he can spend it! But what can I say? You keep to give him more money!

I love your story!
11/11/2011 c16 clara954
This is another good chapter, and I like the details of Harry's interactions with the goblins. Please update again soon!
11/11/2011 c16 183Luiz4200
Will Dumbledore be able to return the money?
11/11/2011 c16 brighteyes343
update soon

good story

is harry going to move out of the dursleys
11/10/2011 c16 loretta537
thank you for all the updates, i love your challenging yourself to post. i hope harry finds out soon that he isnt supposed to be at his aunts and somehow gets away from there
11/10/2011 c15 clara954
This story is very interesting, although some of your chapters are out of order. Please update again soon!
11/10/2011 c15 ItsBeenADecade
You have no idea how disappointed I was when I went to click the 'next' button and IT WASN'T THERE! This is absolutely amazing! I love Harry's character and I adore Max and his dialogue :P. I have one question... What do you plan on doing with Snape in your story? He's my favourite character and I'm just curious is all. Update soon! Don't leave me hanging, stories like this get me through the day :D!
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