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11/10/2011 c15 portalefiamme
Days without reading.. So terrible!

Now I'm happy!

Now there are two tattoo? And it is growing? It is strange! But it is magic. 

I like Max. He is interesting; he is not good and not evil. He do his interest. Max makes me think to the character of "game of trone ".  he follows is interest, and if he have to use the fame and the money of the boy so mote it be. Everybody are not full good or bad, they are a mix. Yes, there is a dominance of one of the two, but in the end one follow his interest. One can follow it with less force, and without kill or make miserable others, but he will fallow his interest. 

So.. My guess on Max was correct! He take Harry to the bank! :) 

I'm curios of the goblin. The iteration between them and Harry. It is funny to see the surprise of goblin! 

Thanks for write an intresting story!

Until next time! Bye!
11/10/2011 c12 Jim Red Hawk
"Has anyone ever gotten a tattoo?"

I was in the Navy in my youth. I was going to get a tat until I saw where a guy had one removed. The scar was bigger than the tat had been! That made me decidevI did not need one. Mind, I could have had the best tattoo artist in the world do it. He was a small man who lived in Hong Kong. Idid meet him once when I went with a buddy to get his tattoo from Pinky. :)


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11/9/2011 c14 Heretogetthestory
REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW YAY! No sick day please!
11/9/2011 c14 Janelly Slytherin
LOL without meaning to he was polite to goblins, does Harry have seer bloof in him, and lets talk names, but is Harry short for something i never got that. lol aww Naps Gods gift to us mortals lol Thanks for updating.
11/9/2011 c14 3Justpucky
Your author note made me giggle. This id really going to put a wrench in dumbles plans, I love it.
11/8/2011 c13 loretta537
this is a great story, i cant wait to see what will happen next
11/8/2011 c13 katenkapotter
it's different but i like it.
11/8/2011 c13 Not-A-Spy
This is interesting. A child-Harry story where he actually thinks like a child (a skill most of us have long forgotten). It's enough for me to review and story-alert this, but not enough to add it to my Favorites. (I'm quite selective about my favorites you know, I allow a maximum of only 20).
11/8/2011 c13 Ungodlyone
cool chapter bro
11/8/2011 c13 mechdjinn
Hey there doodled. This is J.T. Mekjian again. I finally made in account so you can PM me responses to my reviews. Excellent work so far.
11/8/2011 c13 Heretogetthestory
I will be happy to read your chapters never mind how long or short I am so grateful that you update often that I will not complain about the length. I am grateful for the creative and interesting story that when you get to the romance (if you do way later) I will not complain no matter who you pick! Actually that is a lie. If its Umbridge I might throw a fit but I will still read, just pretend that you never made that choice.JK
11/8/2011 c13 Janelly Slytherin
cool so harry's mark will grow with him do they have an emotional aspect to them or something, LOL its awesome the way harry thinks the tree waved at him, and cute to since he waved back.
11/8/2011 c13 bakerroxy
Thanks for the longer chapter! I really like where this story is going.
11/7/2011 c12 bobert0774
Hey, I like the story! It's different and I like that. I wanted to reply about the tat's... I know it's different for everyone and aslo where you put it. I have a friend who doesn't feel pain and therefore doesn't really notice much getting a tat. The one I have hurt a little but not torturous and it also depends on how big it is and if it's shaded in with multiple colors. The clear stuff is usually petrolium jelly to keep the bleeding down and also maybe, I think, for the ink...and it does bleed during and after because it's being put into the skin not just on top...aka it's a flesh wound. ta!
11/6/2011 c12 portalefiamme
Ahah! So it is a snake! :)

Mmm... To the the true when I take my tattoo it doesn't hurt, it tickle. But it depend on you. It is on my ankle. It make me scratched for two days after, because the old skin wear off.

Love your story! Thank for sharing!
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