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11/6/2011 c12 Janelly Slytherin
so samuel is a snake ^-^ lol i won't give up.
11/6/2011 c12 bakerroxy
Could you make the chapters a bit longer?
11/6/2011 c11 183Luiz4200
Harry wondered how many dollars made up a Galleon, let alone 13 Galleons…

Dollars? Don't English people use pounds or euros? And what a way for Harry to learn about Galleons.
11/6/2011 c11 portalefiamme
Ok, smart Harry! Yes! Do not make people stolen from you!

You lie! You said that the answer to Samuel was in this chapter! Argh!

So will Max, under the retributition of some gold, buy for Harry some book on magical green thing? It is too soon for Harry to discover diagon Halley... He can't go to London. He is too young. Or rather, he can't go alone.

Max will keep the boy near. He is The Harry potter! A little boy with the money of the Potter, and Max have already try to stolen from him. He will keep the boy near and happy... With some retribution, like I said.

I imagine that we will wait and see!

Thank for Sharing!
11/5/2011 c10 1LittleTenyo
Is Samuel a dragon...? I like the story so far and i to loove plants and the color green, just one question when harry gets older how is the relationships going to be like? Like the movies or slash or just no relationship?
11/5/2011 c10 J.T. Mekjian
Review # 3: This will be the last one until the next chapter because I can't think of anyhting else to say. First things first, The tatoo shopkeep's name is either maxmillion or sirius. I'm leaning towards Maximillion. I wonder, is the "knobby tree" mentioned in ch.9 a whomping willow? Also, are the pictures of plants actually moving or is it just Harry's imagination? Are the "tatoo T.V.'s" also wizard pictures or just images on a muggle T.V. screen? Okay, somethings definitly up if the whole tatoo affair takes three chapters. This is obviously going to be a magical tatoo. What's up with the description of his chosen tatoo? you'd think it was a real plant that could be watered and everything with the whole "it needs attention" deal. You possess a gift for foreshadowing. I can;t wait to see what happens next chapter.
11/5/2011 c10 J.T. Mekjian
I was originally going to make it one big review, but I figured you'd appreciate the extra tallies on your review total.

Review #2:

Is Blue a Ravenclaw color? Just wondering because you mentioned Harry having an aversion to blue. From your description of the tatoo artist it seems like he is a wizard, possibly even a werewolf if the canines are any indication. Something tells me his tatoo is going to be a very significant part of this story.
11/5/2011 c10 J.T. Mekjian
Thanks for mentioning me in the chapter. I'm flattered. It seems I ow at tleast three reviews now(one per chapter). I think I'll sgtart by saying yes, I thought Samuel was a snake. I thought the whole "I don't talk to to him the same way I talk to my aunt and uncle" was a reference to Parseltongue. If your implying that He is not a snake then I would guess he a venus flytrap, an imaginary friend, or some other insect eating plant/animal.

review #1: As for harry's future house, I would say either Slytherrin or Ravenclaw. An affinity for herbology is not enough to put him in Hufflepuff, and the last thing he needs is Ron weasly's impulsiveness, lask of tact, and generall laziness. All the decisions harry regretted where made by acting without thinking, Sirious' death is a perfect example of this. The only reason I wouldn't put him in slytherin is his general lack of malfoyishness. He doesn't hate muggles(yet), He's not a ponce, and I'm not sure how he'll cope with the deceptiveness. On the other hand his upbringing could easily lend itself to the more desirable attributes, especially anti-muggle sentiment even if it is moinor. The only trait he really needs from his house is a bit of smarts or cunning. Ravenclaw wpuld be fine for this purpose. Another benefit to either house (especially Slytherinn) is a more positive, or atleast less negative, relationship with snape. Anything that dissociates him from the image of his father and reinforces gis similarity to his mother is a good thing in that regard.
11/5/2011 c10 enjay8

Just found your story and I loved it! you have a very nice style of writing a young Harry; it just flows. Thanks for story; look forward to reading more.
11/5/2011 c10 KafeiDetour
Excellent story, I loved reading it so far.
11/5/2011 c10 Anonymous-xox
It's a snake oh and please upload two chapters a day
11/5/2011 c10 portalefiamme

I do think that his little friend is a snake.. In the winter he rest, came in spring- summer. But it can be something else!

Thanks for sharing!
11/4/2011 c10 Janelly Slytherin
So the Man is Max and im kinda maybe hope samuel might be a snake, lol so what kinda plant is the tattoo going to be, ^-^
11/4/2011 c8 herder11
I like your story so far.

You should post it all up.

(I enjoy longer stories)

anyhow keep writing you have some good ideas

11/4/2011 c8 14sachaelle
it refreshingly different and in character

kudo to you and looking forward to read more
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