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11/6/2011 c1 1renzhie
lolwhat roma creys you are insane what did you do to me what.


Loving the last line, I feel for Lysander. This changes my prespective (lol i fail at spelling) of him. Gosh, reading this from his POV breaking my heart to pieces. Loving the part where he blame everyone cause it's what people do when they grieve.

Great job and keep writing. :)
11/6/2011 c1 97lowi
Wow. Roma, I'm stunned.

This. Ohmigosh, it's fantastic.

Truly heartbreaking and so so so beautiful. Lilysander is an amazing pairing, and I loved this so much.

It was so sad, but you write emotions really well-I felt so touched by this. :'(

The final bit of this, with the shorter paragraphs, was so amazing. The glass cage, the kiss, the desperation being bigger and bigger, his suicide attempt, and then waking up. My goodness, I felt tears behind my eyes, Roma. &hearts

I just can't explain properly how much I loved this story, so I'll end with a "I LOVED THIS SO ** MUCH." ;)
11/5/2011 c1 39fabricated fantasies
Oh wow, honey. Just - gah, it's amazing. At first it kind of feels like it /is/ a parody/crackfic, possibly because it started off that way? I'm just not totally convinced about their emotions, particularly Lily's. Which is understandable, because it's from Lysander's point of view, but I'd adore to get an extra couple of lines in there to really convince me, you know?

And I think at one point you use 'then' when it should be 'than' ;)

In any case, the last couple of sections are the convincers for me.

"One day, he opens the glass top to her casket and kisses her.

(she does not wake)

He smashes the casket, willing to do anything to bring her back to life, and maybe when she's released from her prison, she'll come back?"


"He wakes up, thrilled, because maybe he's died and he'll be with her, and they'll be an inscription (he loved her until the end) carved on his grave and-

There is no flatline on the screen next to his bed."

The last line, in particular, is really powerful and strong, and I really adored it. Another thing I enjoyed was how messed up Lyander's love for Lily made him. It just proves that not all relationships are good for you, and not all love is good, either.

Great job, lovely!
11/4/2011 c1 38writergal24
Awwww this was SO... amazing. I loved Lysander at the end... it was just so... I don't want to say sweet because that seems almost degrading, but it was perfect.

Awesome job.

11/3/2011 c1 sadey
wow. this was.. touching,real and great!

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