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5/29/2019 c6 Elliesamdeangirl
You know, John's missed his should be a doctor, grief counselor or man the Samaritan's hot line?NOT!Poor Sam, and Dean is a big wuss, letting John treat Sam like that, and he would have made Sam show his wound wasn't infected.
4/8/2015 c1 1Little13Silence
This is a really great story, hope you continue it if possible :)
5/8/2014 c8 Guest
it's a shame really, this story from sam point of view is great, but you made some bad mistakes. People can not talk when they have a breathing tube down their throat, a doctor can't tell you when someone who has been out for days will wake up, and the fact that john and dean can't figure out why sam has been acting off is so unbelieveable since his friends just died, a doctor told them he would be upsets about what had happen, and now I guess u want us to believe that john didn't realize that his harsh words had hurt him, you need to try and be more realistic is your writing please, It may just be a story but you at least got to make it feel as realistic as possible if you want the reader to believe in your story
2/21/2014 c10 37Katlover98
Hi, I really like this story but I noticed you haven't updated. Are you still going to continue?
1/20/2014 c10 2Headoverheels14
Update please! Great fic! Need more! Lol. Really though great story! Love the plot.
1/6/2013 c10 Guest
That it? This is the end!? OMG That is so tragic. Thank you for a great time reading it. Is there more?
11/11/2012 c10 Guest
please update
9/17/2012 c10 2MysteryMadchen
So I was skimming and what caught me was Sam's muteness. Any chance that will come back and stay :) YOu know me I'm sick and twisted in so many delightful ways. :) Also hoping your muse comes back and want to finish the story. I'm loving it and can't wait for more Sam limpage. Actually hoping that if I don't get the muteness, say because he watches somebody else die or get hurt, say Dean get hurt or John, not die, but injured and even though it's NOT his fault he internalizes it and makes it his fault, he clams up again, this time some tightly that not even the counseling he should have got before can bring him around? Thanks and I'll read for the beginning here real soon and review as I should from chapter one on. Thanks again, Nicole. :)
8/4/2012 c10 Ipod12
are you going to continue this?I hope you do.
8/1/2012 c10 Moogfifi
This story is so well-written, and captures the character's personalities perfectly! The story line is gripping too, which makes it hard to stop at this chapter! Please, please, please continue! Thanks! :D
7/21/2012 c10 230The Mome Raths Outgrabe
Awesome story poor Sammy the guilt eating him up.
3/18/2012 c10 C
This was great! I can't wait for more!
2/21/2012 c10 BranchSuper
It's not a good idea for Sam to go off without any back-up...
2/21/2012 c10 29CeCe Away
Oh Sammy, don't go out on your own. Dean's gonna have a conniption.
2/21/2012 c1 156AlElizabeth
Wow, John is an asshole. I read your note at the beginning of chapter 2 and don't think you've made John too extreme. I know some people really like him but he's one of my least favourite characters from the show (when he was in the show). I don't really like overly sugar-coated John in some ff's either. So, to make a long story short- I think you did a good job with John. I'm gonna continue to read this and can't wait to find out what happens next. Keep up the good work!
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