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for The Last One Standing

2/19/2012 c10 judyann
Awww poor Sammy wanting to save everyone. Great chapter again! :)
2/19/2012 c10 9BerryTrekking
Oooh, good chapter! I hope nothing bad happens to Sam... oh who am I kidding yes I do :P Can't wait for more!
2/19/2012 c10 kiwimoonelmo
Another brilliant chapter.Obviously Sam is still trying to make amends for what happened.I can't wait to see what happens next.xxxx
2/19/2012 c10 12Souless666
Gods that kid.

Actually, his family should realize he needs to speak to a professional. Sam's dealing with things no child (even one of a hunter) should be dealing with alone. They should have held off hunting for a while and dealt with Sam.

But we are talking about John and Dean. Both are the most clueless men you will ever find. I bet Bobby would have done things differently.
2/19/2012 c10 369SupernaturallyEgocentric
Great story. Sounds like Sam's totally obsessed.
2/19/2012 c10 sarah
Damn! Sam is still on this guilt trip of his, poor Sammy.

and your Dean is amazing, i love all his parts, very well written.

awesome work waiting for more really soon plzz
2/3/2012 c9 BranchSuper
Good chapter.
2/3/2012 c9 judyann
What a wonderful chapter. And love the way you portrayed John! And poor Sam! What more will he do? I can't wait to read more.
2/3/2012 c9 9BerryTrekking
That was a lot faster than I was expecting - but it was a good surprise! :D Again, can't fault it. It doesn't sound like Sam is going to do all that well right now... hope he gets better soon! :D

In response to your other point, yes, the world of fiction is far superior to the world of exams/papers/general academia :P
2/3/2012 c9 kiwimoonelmo
Hey there sorry this is a bit late,been at work.I read it this morning but didn't have time to review but I'm here now.This was a lovely chapter and seeing Sam's heartbreak brought a tear to my eyes.Lovely writing.Can't wait for more,this is turning out to be a hell of a story from a very talented writer.xxxx
2/3/2012 c9 369SupernaturallyEgocentric
I really, really love this story and this is an extremely good chapter. Sam clearly isn't healed yet, emotionally, and may never be. Guilt that deep and painful certainly isn't going to go away just because someone tells you it's not your fault. (sigh) Poor guy. Very well done, looking forward to more.
2/3/2012 c9 12Souless666
This was an excellent chapter. Seeing into Sammy's head and seeing the reality of what has happened to both his son's finally dawn on John.

It will be interesting to see how John handles this Reality Check he just got, and how Dean will react to the truth of the changes in his brother.
2/3/2012 c9 1Truth Behind The Eyes
good chapter. at the part when sam was thinking that he knew what he "had to do to make things right" I thought they you were going to write that he was going to make a crossroads deal to bring them back.
2/3/2012 c9 sarah
Sam truly broke my heart in this chapter

his guilt is gonna destroy him unless john and Dean did something

can't wait for more

thanks for the quick update
2/3/2012 c9 SPN4eva556
Awesome chapter! You really see a lot of Sam's pain. And very glad John has finally turned around. I definetly prefer him as a dad than a drill sergeant. And, of courses, love the protectiveness of Dean. Poor Sammy.

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