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for The Last One Standing

2/1/2012 c8 soniama livejournal
no believe the end

wants but but but but but ...please
1/31/2012 c8 casammy
That john leaves to happen and even not of account and not of importance to the pain and sam's disease, really I do not surprise, since he has been behaving, but dean, am different, dean always has had a radar big bro that knows everything what happens to sam, if this one well or badly, sick, sad or angry, it is strange that dean leaves a sam happens with fever and without speaking, is even if it wants inexcusably
1/31/2012 c8 41Colby's girl
Great chapter. Finally john has taken his head out of his a$$!
1/31/2012 c3 soniama livejournal
so sad
1/31/2012 c2 soniama livejournal
poor sammy !

everything always goes wrong
1/31/2012 c8 fayesanuttytart
AMAZING story! Love it...these are my fav fan fics were John/Dean are angry at Sam and he is hiding his injuries... can' wait for the next update!
1/30/2012 c8 putmoneyinthypursenotsignedin
You know what, I had forgotten just how angry you made me at John the past few chapters. OMG, I'm glad you finally made him feel bad, although it'll take a LOT of feeling-bad before I can even begin to forgive him. I'm glad you showed that Sam basically was driven to the point where he thought his own life was worthless. Your Dean is caring and sweet - oh my, i'm surprised at the amount of anger you make me feel for a fictional character! I'm boiling! That's a testament to your talent.
1/30/2012 c8 xelacy
love it
1/30/2012 c8 kiwimoonelmo
How could I be dissapointed with this?It's excellent and I have to admit I have tear rolling down my cheek.I would honestly wait forever and day for your story.It's awesome.Can't wait for next time.xxPS hope the exams went well.xx
1/30/2012 c8 sammynanci
Excellent! Great job,dearie! I loved! Poor Sammy,so brave,so sad,awww,I love this boy *_*
1/30/2012 c8 29CeCe Away
Oh yay good, John is coming around. I love it when he does that, the big soft hardass.
1/30/2012 c8 12Souless666
Great chapter.

Wonder what the witch hit him with.
1/30/2012 c8 9BerryTrekking
Yay, John has FINALLY become nice lol! I loved this chapter, it was worth the wait :) Hope your exams went Ok. They're horrid aren't they?
1/30/2012 c8 369SupernaturallyEgocentric
Not disappointing at all, great chapter. Yay John, removing head from ass at last! :)

Really, well done. Love it. And congrats on making it through exams alive!
1/30/2012 c8 sarah
you just made my day with this brilliant update

awesome work

well done
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