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for The Last One Standing

1/29/2012 c1 tori kennedy
hi i love the story the only thing is i know john was hard on the boys but not that cruel also sam had more of a back bone but maybe that your plan whenn they discover what is wrong with him john will feel horribly guilty but sam won't be so forgiving that when the rebel come no more taking his father crap and it would even surprise john that he wold not be able to bully sam
1/28/2012 c7 sarah
i am so mad at you right now, leaving us hanging like that, not updating for 4 freaking weeks, sooooooo evil

come on please...

i can't wait for your next update
1/10/2012 c2 Guest
I love it! Pleasepleaseplease write more soon!
1/10/2012 c2 Guest
I love it! Pleasepleaseplease write more soon!
1/4/2012 c7 8Emmers224
I stumbled across this and instantly fell in love. Oh I could die happily in the angst, there's so much of it! Lovelovelove. :) I like that John is so tough on poor Sam. Once he realizes his mistake it'll be quite bitter sweet I'm sure.

And Sam. Poor kid breaks my heart. Dean and John would have to be blind to not notice his suffering. Poor guy. Can't wait to see how this turns out! Your doing a wonderful job! Hope you update soon!
1/2/2012 c7 29CeCe Away
Really cool aftermath with Sam. John needs to come around.
1/1/2012 c7 LH
I LOVE reading this story! I cant wait to see what happens next!
1/1/2012 c7 369SupernaturallyEgocentric
Love what you're doing with this, especially the aphasia.
1/1/2012 c7 Caramel
Loved it!

Please keep the chapters coming. I'm glad Dean told John he was wrong about Sam. John is being very harsh about that situation. It's not like Sam knew a black dog was on the loose and took off camping anyway. Honestly, if John has this view, then I can't see how he lets Sam out of his sight for any reason.

Sam was wrong to take off w/o telling anyone, but to hold him responsible for a random supernatural act is too much!

Your story is so good! Please update soon!
1/1/2012 c7 sarah
OWW! Sam is not speaking now and on the verge of a psychological break down, thats intense!

Dean is awesome as usual, and John will surely go through a long guilt trip soon

can't wait for more
1/1/2012 c7 kiwimoonelmo
Happy new year.And what a way to star it with a brilliant chapter.You ust update soon.xx
1/1/2012 c7 9BerryTrekking
Woo, finally Dean has figured it out! Big brother will fix it now :P Another good chapter! Happy 2012!
1/1/2012 c6 2MysteryMadchen
Ok so I've been saving this story for when I had time to read it and guess what? I'm behind, big shocker right? Anyway I skimmed this chapter and John seems offly mean to Sam. Now bare with me because I don't know what's going on up to now, but is John Possessed? Or is Sam's bite effecting Sam's version of reality? Is Sam thinking that his father is saying those terrible things to him when he's not or did he really call his son a selfish brat because he didn't save his friends. See what happens when I'm not keeping up with the stories. I skim and then I get myself into a hole heap of trouble. Anyway gonna read this weekend and just hoping that Johns not a total dick in this one. :) Thanks as always for your wonderful stories and Happy New year to you as well. Nicole. :)
1/1/2012 c7 BranchSuper
Sam's PTSD is starting to show, except to his oblivious father and brother. Now that the the principal has told Dean, at least one of them knows that Sam is not all right. Good chapter.
1/1/2012 c7 1NetMyne01
Well at least now Dean knows there's something wrong with Sam. I can't believe he didn't realize that Sam hasn't talked in five days! Hope he starts realizing this is serious! Great update my friend! :-)
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