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for The Complicated Detour to Evolution

7/13/2022 c16 wd12091111
This was hilarious thank you.
7/9/2020 c8 6TekoloKuautli
Poor guy, he's practically a slave now. In Tsunade's favor though at least she wasn't a hypocrite about it, and Kakashi really is a lousy teacher for letting the kids on his charge keep an obviously dangerous, unpredictable, intelligent and bloodthirsty beast on close contact.
And I laughed at Sasuke's sincerity, that right there ties Grimmjow to them a lot more effectively than any seal could ever manage.
7/9/2020 c7 TekoloKuautli
I'm surprised Grimmjow is only at a normal rage here considering he was basically collared and leashed while he was incapacitated. Oh, and it was admitted that they saw him as a useful pet or tool by the sannin. Even I was angry for him.
7/9/2020 c6 TekoloKuautli
Ahaha! It does feel like Aizen planned everything just for shits and giggles, but with how Grimmjow butts in perfectly to stop any emoness from Sasuke or to uplift all kinds of friendship or team spirit in the three brats... It's kind of sad this rude savage cat is more of a sensei for team seven than Kakashi is, Grimmjow really poked at that with how he didn't care about Sakura while she followed the hollow around so long and with no guarantee that he'd keep her alive.
7/9/2020 c5 TekoloKuautli
I don't know why Grimmjow keeps team seven close or more like allows them close. Maybe he's a tiny bit lonely? XD
The fights were awesome.
7/9/2020 c4 TekoloKuautli
I love how Grimmjow is attached to Sakura the most, she and Naruto care for him but Sakura does it in a way he can tolerate, plus he kind of taught her to fight like a beast for a month.
7/9/2020 c2 TekoloKuautli
Grimmjow takes to kindness with grace haha
5/10/2020 c16 3DragonClanMaster
It was a great story. I very much liked it. Its not often I find a good Grimmjow story that's completed.
4/6/2020 c16 2Ilikeoldfandoms7
8/3/2019 c16 RockySES
This was so great!
5/13/2019 c16 DarkMastermc
I love this story
12/28/2018 c16 1slyKat28
This was so amazing to read. You portrayed Grimm so well chase you can see that though he is still bloodthirsty and grumpy he cares for team 7. even generations after their death.

an amazing read. keep it up!
8/23/2018 c16 sakuzi-chan
Interesting concept, you did a great job with the plot
7/13/2018 c16 4Monster King
Great story I really liked it good job writing the story.
11/12/2017 c16 2Code Beelzebub
Interesting story, the only thing I have a problem with is that you ended it with a set up for a sequel. A lot of stories that end on that note don't really follow up on it. By far this is one of the better-underrated Bleach and Naruto Crossover stories that's actually finished. I'm looking forward to you writing a sequel to this in the near future.
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