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for Paying in Blood

4/20/2012 c4 5Archer 250
*Thought when saw that this has updated*


*Thought when I saw its contents*

12/4/2011 c3 15MadManMatt64
Sooooooo... Aeris smokes now. Huh. Don't get me wrong, I understand that smoking is a depressive habit but... wow. Anyway, great chapter and I can't wait for more. Also, I still hold firm to my theory, and you just prove it more and more correct with each chapter. How no one else sees it is beyond me. I'm still not gonna tell anybody, but really, if you think about it, it's not that hard.
12/2/2011 c3 2AlphaScorpio
the fuck just happened
11/8/2011 c2 AlphaScorpio
so, are they now gonna go after the witness that should have died, thats bull, he didint know anything, he shouldint die. anyways at the end, what aeris is gonna fall for eli and never go back to leos grave and say hi, and just forget about him in the end. anyways this whole story sounds great. cant wait to see how it all goes down
11/8/2011 c2 BlackBolts
Eli seems kinda... Mysterious... Where did he come from? What are his intentions? Will they ever get their revenge? Well We'll have to wait and see. Great chapter. And I do so Agree. Where did PL go? They've been missing for quite some time. Well... We COULD just get someone to Re-Write it... If they don't come back. We already have like 2 or 3 Re-Writes. So what's wrong with another? And both of the Re-Writes are very good so far, So it would most likely work out more then Fine.
11/3/2011 c1 BlackBolts
...Well... I haven't reviewed in weeks but... There goes ALL my ideas for the FanFic I was writing...
11/3/2011 c1 1FanFicwriter27
ABANDON SHIP! ABANDON SHIP! this is awful the first chapter and leo is dead? AAAAHHHHHHHH! i thought that leo might be killed but i thought that he would die becuse of his moronice. i cant even bare too read any more chapters(even though i probobly will) but it is just SOOOO TERIBLE. i mean your a great wrighter and all but i mean come ON how are you going to wright a romace story when the one of the pair is DEAD. sorry just it feels so wrong to have leo killed he is one of my top charcters in all the storys. well you did add good deatail at least.
11/3/2011 c1 2AlphaScorpio
my one and only favorite part was when leo was looking and talking about that clock, i will remember that for awhile. "you fucked that thing up" funny as hell, i gotta say. pour leo, but if you love something you must let it be free. leo id in heaven, but hell, thats better then being in the hell we call earth. great intro. so let the fun begin

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