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1/3 c1 30Bella7
Sooo...I'm certain that this will never be updated, but I just wanted to let you know that 16 years later, I was still thinking about this fic and decided to talk to it about my fanfiction podcast. Hope you enjoy: listen/9-quack
3/19/2011 c12 Heather
Really love the story
5/23/2007 c3 Allison AJR
Funny stuff in chapter 3 these lines made me laugh most

-"But, but it's pie! If it's pie, it's personal!"

-"I'll show you how to take the last piece of pie-"

"Okay, Goldie, that one doesn't even make sense..." I try to speak quietly, as if that will make the big scary boy go away.

It works.

-"You got into a fight over pie?" I shake my head at Averman and Goldberg. Those two never cease to amaze me...

"It was a really good pie, Charlie-" Goldberg begins
4/19/2007 c12 5harumscarum
just wanted to let you know that this is an awesome story - love it! I hope u update soon...if ever!
9/1/2005 c12 7future cop
i just found this story and was so happy when i saw twelve chapters, i hope you update i like how your writing everyone, there caracters arent how they were in the movies but you made them more real... you know how there not all these perfect angels and they all make mistakes type deal, i like it better
6/27/2005 c12 duckys
evil evil people@!
4/12/2004 c12 animechica
ohh, that's so sad! i've neva read any j/p fics b4 (i usually go for j/a)but i can c were all teh j/p fans r coming from. continue plz!
4/2/2004 c12 freestyler2
ah i take it that you are not updating this fic anymore? thats to bad I simply love it!
1/25/2004 c12 3BanksPortmanMendozaWu
Arh, i read it all in one go, and got to the end of chapter 12 and swore that there was no more. I need you to update soon, I have to know what Dean is going to say to Julie. Please update soon.
5/18/2003 c12 blueeyed gurl
PLEASE UPDATE! i ve been waiting for so longi love ur story so PLEASE UPDATE
4/27/2003 c12 jennifer
u so need to update this story! i just read the whole thing and it is so good! julie/portman stories are my fav!
4/26/2003 c12 liz
you need to finish this story! i need to know what happens with portman and julie! its a really good story dude!
4/23/2003 c12 freestyler2
hey this story totally kicks butt! i love it, and i can't believe who haven't updated i so long!, pleez pleez pleez update this soon, i dont think i could go that long without finding out what happens
4/3/2003 c12 Anonymous
omg omg! i totally love this story, and i keep coming back hoping that you have updated it is so awesome! write more soon!
3/14/2003 c12 Emilie
this is such a great story, i have read it more than once, but finally decided to review. I love the julie and portman thing. Please write more soon!
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