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for Perfect Two

11/12/2011 c5 25Wendbria
OMG, great chapter. cant wait to see what Flora does to Nick.
11/12/2011 c5 2ShiningSunray
11/12/2011 c5 Daisy54154
OMG THAT THREE TIMER! i looove it can't wait to read more please update soon
11/12/2011 c5 1maddie4president
Awwwww... That is so sad for Flora! I can't wait to see her reaction in the next chapter! Please update as soon as you can!
11/11/2011 c5 2DramaQueen127
why that 3 timing cheater helia would be way better for flora i mean they both have really bad aditudes so ya perfect in more then one way the list could go on forever litterally =D cant wait till the next chapter ttyl
11/11/2011 c4 25Wendbria
great chapter cant waif for the next
11/11/2011 c4 2ShiningSunray
Please Continue!I really want to see what happens.
11/10/2011 c4 2ItsMetalItsOurBand
Cool! XD update soon plz! :)
11/10/2011 c4 Daisy54154
looove it so much please update soon
11/10/2011 c4 1maddie4president
Cool chapter! I loved the whole 'fake girlfriend' thing! Please update as soon as you can!
11/10/2011 c4 32QueerEpileptic
omg omg sweet!
11/10/2011 c4 If13
I really like where this is going.plz plz update
11/9/2011 c4 2DramaQueen127
OH MY GOD ! and Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo =D i am starting to see i slite connetion between them =D
11/9/2011 c4 1Neverforget101
I love this chapter :)

For once Flora and Helia weren't really fighting.

As I was reading when I got the part where the wedding was then Courtney came I was thinking Helia might say that Flora is his girlfriend or something like that.

Anyways please continue :)
11/6/2011 c3 Neverforget101
I like how you put them out of character :)

Because it shows a side that we might never get to actually see.

Plus it makes the story interesting.

I'm really curious to know why helia acts like a jerk to Flora.

I bet it is Helia who's at the party :)

And I think Nick is cheating on Flora but no worries that's what Helia is for well at least later :)

Please update more.
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