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for Perfect Two

4/20/2015 c14 Guest
Does he find out I'm scared to read! haha lol
4/20/2015 c11 Guest
Great chapter I wish flora and brandon were together!
4/20/2015 c8 Guest
Like your chapter
4/20/2015 c6 Guest
Love it! Lol
4/20/2015 c5 Guest
What three girls wow If I were one of the girls and knew it was him with aunother girl I'd beat him up!

Keep up the good work
4/20/2015 c3 Guest
Oh no what's going to happen next!
4/20/2015 c2 Guest
Still LIKE it I Love it! lol
4/20/2015 c1 Guest
Love your chapter I keep re-reading it

Love it so much!
2/24/2015 c21 Guest
It is sooooooo romantic!
10/30/2014 c23 Falak Naz
This was soooooooooooooo beautiful. I love this story soooooooooooooo much.
10/17/2014 c23 Dragon Princess
Awesome story!
9/7/2014 c23 fifirosepfingston
That was so cute
8/30/2014 c23 nejiten3
love the story
8/16/2014 c23 3libra986
I really really enjoyed this story. It was a different take on the Flora/Helia story. I do want to point out in this chapter, however you said "His beautiful green eyes, which I always loved..."
6/6/2014 c18 Guest
I love this idea great job
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