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5/27/2014 c3 16YOLO So Live Ninjago Style
5/19/2014 c23 CountryGirl27
Loved it. Nice twist on Flora and Helia's relationship. So happy that Stell and Brandon got together. As I thought when it happened " better late than never". After chapter 18 I couldn't stop laughing and smiling like crazy! Loved the ending but u could've dragged out some more details about the wedding out and maybe even telling us how Helia proposed!
2/15/2014 c18 Arooj
How Come helia and flora become friends but before they were not friends before
2/9/2014 c13 Arooj
Do I! I love it !
2/9/2014 c4 Arooj
How Come flora and below are girlfriend and boyfriend ?
12/30/2013 c13 Guest
Helia is gonna flip litterly
11/22/2013 c17 5candylovin
this is so good
10/21/2013 c23 Shiorigirl183
I still don't understand why Helia was a jerk in the beginning of the story.
7/18/2013 c3 Guest
7/11/2013 c23 Lucy chen
I love your story make more and please make it longer!
7/11/2013 c19 Lucy
Love it
7/11/2013 c18 Lucy chen
I love this story make more please
7/3/2013 c23 21wonder woman2002
I swear I can read this story 3 times and still love it
5/17/2013 c22 Guest
This story is so good
5/10/2013 c23 cocopuff987
awesome I love flora and helia and that story was amazing!
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