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4/30/2013 c23 FloranHeliafan
Nice one! Now more!
4/30/2013 c22 FloranHeliafan
Wow.. More?
4/30/2013 c19 FloranHeliafan
Oh, now you make things sense
4/30/2013 c16 FloranHeliafan
Yeah, the jerk that flora always calls him, Helia
4/30/2013 c13 FloranHeliafan
Like plus hate
4/30/2013 c12 FloranHeliafan
Nice one, you make nabu sound greedy..
4/30/2013 c11 FloranHeliafan
Well... I read funny, romantic,and...( i forgot) . Can you post those kind of stories plz?
4/30/2013 c9 FloranHeliafan
Nick is totally a jerk, freakin jerk... I would try to kill him now since I am in a baaad mood...
4/30/2013 c7 FloranHeliafan
Yeah right! Very "funny"...
4/30/2013 c5 FloranHeliafan
Wow... cool story but its kinda funny . I mean Flora calling Helia jerk, Hah! That won't even happen in the real movie... I think you might put Courtney as Princess Krsytal, that might be interesting.
4/6/2013 c3 don't-fuck-with-a-reporter
I love it so far! Most stories are about Flora and Helia being all lovey dovey, but yours is so original! I'm impressed by your curiosity!
3/5/2013 c18 Anonymous
To be honest, this chapter is too climactic for me...
3/2/2013 c23 Happy winXmas
Awww! Happy ending I Loved Your story
Plz write More! I WONDER IF THEY HAVE KIDS!?...
2/10/2013 c23 pudsey
whoo write another story plz u make fanfiction the best!
2/2/2013 c23 pudsey
write a new winx club story please
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