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3/10 c41 2willam and jack and jake
3/3 c41 Kitten Arina
I am happy to have seen an update. And at the end it is a very nice twist to have both of them return. I am not sure about it but I do like the twist. The only thing is that I wish again this was longer one I like long chapters as I have stated before. Two with how long it took to get this update I would of course want it longer to make the wait feel reasonable. Other then that thank you for this update I hope a few others that me and you talked about will see some light soon as well. Thank you for the update.
3/2 c41 TigrezzTail
Very wicked beast. And sneaky judges. They probably don't even know the means of getting out themselves. Can't share something you don't know after all. ANd if everyone who attempts 'dies' then no one finds out.
3/1 c41 atengawchok
Ino should go for Naruto, if she realize how Naruto dive in just to save her then she found her prince of her dreams, lol!
3/1 c41 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Everyone is making their way out. Take that you stupid judges. WHAHAHAHA!
3/1 c41 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
3/1 c41 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 42.

I hope the Kyuubi ask Naruto to tell Meogi her mother was named after the ten tails.
3/1 c6 jimmy.oz
wonder where Jiraiya is in all this. if i remember he was still in town.
3/1 c5 jimmy.oz
Well Konoha is about to lose a lot of allies since most people joined at the time because of Naruto so it will be interesting when that happens. story seems interesting so far so keep up the good work.
3/1 c41 BusGrunts
So, if Hiruzen was there, then wouldn't Minato also be there since they both were supposed to be in the Shinigami's belly? Meaning Naruto could've met his dad and reunite his whole family?
3/1 c41 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and epic battle :D
2/3 c39 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 41.
11/22/2022 c40 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 41.
10/27/2022 c2 Guest
You dumb author's need to stop having the cliche over powered council shit in your stories. It is not creative it is dumb as hell. The civilians didn't worship Sasuke like he was a god.
7/8/2022 c20 30DalkonCledwin
Wait a minute, if Kushina didn’t go through a succubi’s version of puberty until she returned to Alfheim, and it is also true that a Succubus is infetile unless they are in a state of Frenzy, then how can Naruto possibly exist at all? Since he was conceived while Kushina was still technically a child and definitely not while she was in a state of Frenzy.
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