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7/10 c46 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter man keep it up and update again soon as possible thanks.
7/6 c7 1Sesshoru
Your Norse Mythology is way off. There are nine realms connected by the branches of Yggdrasil.
7/5 c46 ArashiNokitsune
*reads the ending* oh... snap... worst time for some bad luck right there
7/5 c46 HurZysn
Thanks for the chapter looking forward to the next one
7/5 c46 thor94
interesting chapter, but again naruto was more or less defeated by a devil, forced to retreat and have another friend kidnapped.
It would be time he get a true high level power up. maybe have naruto removed eyes evolve into godlike dojutsu like rinnegan or someting as powerful when reattached and healed
7/5 c46 16Yami Luna Kitsune
pretty good chapter

why is moegi still there?

eager for the next chapter
7/5 c46 Hexcalibur
Moegi was turned into a devil wasn't she?
7/5 c46 codywhite162
Loved the chapter! Looking forward to what happens next.
7/4 c46 101VFSNAKE
Damn! Why is it only Moegi was left behind? Must be something off with Sakura's power. Damn devils. Can't wait until they all die.
7/4 c46 5Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter and looks like things have gotten nuts
6/21 c45 kr0n0s00
pls add karin ro narutos pairing
4/19 c19 DarkHunter10
After EVERYTHING he's found out, about konoha basically LIED about every single, solitary piece of his entire existence... Why would Naruto still act this way? He should know he fundamentally cannot believe a SINGLE thing, he's ever been told by just about everyone in that armpit of a village... So I have no idea why he would be acting this way... More likely, he would cast off EVERYTHING about said place... (kinda like "deprogramming" a cult member irl).. "What reason do I have to believe otherwise"?! Seriously? How about the REASON of "everyone has lied about EVERYTHING"? Or "NOBODY had your best interests in mind in that cesspool"? OR "none of these people are IN konoha, and most of them AREN'T from there"? All of these are REASONS... That's BEFORE you get to the girls actually "liking" him... I mean, this is all well and good as far as the mental stuff.. BUT the girls LEFT their homes, families, friends, village, nation, and WORLD... it's getting to be "beating a dead horse" at this point. It's basically "repeating the same problem" over and over.. The girls can't "prove themselves" much more CLEARLY.. So Naruto should be just saying "fuck what I learned there". And as far as being a MONSTER? Well... He's got wings and a tail... So, "that train already left the station".
4/19 c18 DarkHunter10
I really don't think Ino's whole thing made a lot of sense... She's NEVER seen "the kyuubi", never FELT it's power... NOTHING... It's like saying the "Boogeyman is sealed in me"... So her saying "how can I not fear the worst" is kinda dumb.. She's in a STRANGE world, SURROUNDED by DEMONS that she can SEE and touch... But you have her being so fearful of a THING that appeared ONCE, for ONE NIGHT, before she was even born! How can she not fear the worst? Because SHE'S NOT ALREADY DEAD! Duh! So adding all the baseless weirdness of her reaction... We've also SOMEHOW got her switching to talking about Sakura and Sasuke (which is REALLY outta left field) I don't see how one thing has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with the other! But it also kinda reduces the whole "your on an ALIEN world, with no way back, no understanding of anything here, no allies, no friends, no frame of reference for any of the history of anything or any of the cultures"... So you see, all of this is just VERY confusing. There just seems to be a LOT of things to be a LOT more scared of right now, for her, instead of losing her mind over what amounts to a "fairy tale, told to TODDLERS".

As far as naruto's heritage, and how he'd be treated.. I disagree with the whole "people wouldn't have cared, because they would have had to see themselves as dishonoring the fourth"... I think the ninja would have DEFINITELY "cared"... They'd have been MUCH better(since it would be a "honor" thing).. Clan heads too... (since naruto's treatment would basically be a reflection of how THEY and their children would be perceived, since naruto would be a "clan heir" and that's ALL their own status is).. But most of all, they wouldn't have had TIME to be "dishonoring the fourth" IF his heritage had been released AT THE SAME TIME as his status as jinchuriki.. You do BOTH AT ONCE (or the third acts like someone with a FUNCTIONING brain cell and just doesn't state what happened to the fox... Just it was "gone")
4/12 c2 ultoriousflama
these "civilians" have a lot to say about military matters
4/9 c19 Guest
19 chapters in and not one lemon lost interest in the story!
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