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3/14 c44 hirozerotwo267
Sigue asi bro
3/14 c5 10Wolfone10
Ok that beginning has some problems.. Naruto is playing "20 questions" with this woman IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR ZONE, which is REALLY ODD... Plus, weren't they JUST surrounded on all sides by 6 ANBU that somehow vanished? You said Kushina's spiritual pressure (or whatever name you use) put them on their knees... But they are STILL all there! and Naruto and her are just having a chat? Then walk off? WTF? HOW? WHY?

And how about JUST KILLING OFF the civilian council (and elders) VERY PUBLICLY, drain EVERY CENT from all of them too... No money, no paying off any of said "mercenaries"... Plus the people are very "survival biassed".. With a public execution of them ALL? Really, would make EVERYONE just shut up and do their jobs... Oh and DON'T MAKE ANOTHER "council" at all... They don't exist in canon, and they really DON'T WORK for a military settlement anyway. There, problem SOLVED... And NO GAMBLING. AND the hokage leaving? Yeah... Like that's NOT going to paint an EVEN BIGGER TARGET on the village? This "plan" makes NO SENSE. ACTUALLY NONE of this "plan" makes ANY SENSE... The village would be DUST in under a week.. (you seem to forget that Itachi and PEIN both HATE DANZO with a PASSION). It's not good, in ANY STORY, simply because there isn't any REASONING behind it.
3/14 c4 Wolfone10
Which takes longer to heal, broken bones or broken pride?.. How about just make it something they can't heal AT ALL... The civilian council JUST CAUSED TREASON.. That's DEATH! To ALL OF THEM! Just "GET RID" of em' all. No POINT to keeping them alive after all.. And with this kinda treason, it is ESSENTIALLY a coup... Which, when it fails, ALWAYS results in DEATH for ALL participating parties... Just ask the Uchihas... OH WAIT... You can't.

Oh and paint a bigger target on the village?... Um not for killing a bunch of civilians and danzo... No it wouldn't... After all, no ninja REALLY cares about which civilians are where... Yes they have the money.. But if Ninja REALLY wanted money? Just kill whatever ruling civilians there are... Henge into them, drain every penny... And MOVE ON.. There really isn't anything they can do about it... killing danzo? Well Root don't have many brains and they have NO WILL at all, by design... So just kill him and take his place... Nothing really changes (kinda the problem with keeping all his work in SHADOW... Nothing can come to light)... All these people are COMPLETELY expendable to the village, with absolutely NO consequences.
3/14 c3 Wolfone10
So the third was more terrified of the "masked man" knew about naruto surviving... Even though, they should KNOW that the "masked man" would ALREADY KNOW that naruto survived? He was THERE.. He already knows for a FACT naruto is Minato's kid and that he survived... So... Again (just like with Sarutobi's fear of ANYTHING connected with letting out naruto's heritage) IT MAKES NO SENSE. It's just one of the WEAKEST points of the entire series. (and seems to have been FORGOTTEN later in the series, more then likely because most writers could honestly say... "I can't work with this.")
3/13 c1 hirozerotwo267
Sigue asi
3/12 c44 SacredKoopa
Well, guess we know Naruto won't be having 27 women in his harem LOL! However, I am curious of how many women Naruto will have, and if Isaribi and Ursha will join his harem alongside Sakura, Hinata and Ino. Heck, I'm curious if Tsunade and Tayuya will join Naruto's harem. I wouldn't mind if Kushina's in the harem as well, but I also wouldn't mind if she wasn't. That's all from me, keep up the good work, because you've just got yourself another follower!
3/5 c44 HurZysn
thanks for the chapter. looking forward to the next
3/3 c44 Kitten Arina
I am always happy to see an update from you. This was a nice length I think just a tad longer then your normal. Thank you for that! As you already know I really enjoy length when it comes to any story, but especially to the ones that I enjoy the most. This was an excellent addition to this story. I don’t want to put pressure on you but would love to see some of your other stories come out of hiatus, but then again if that were to take place you might loose focus and I would hate for you to loose focus.


Kitten Arina
3/2 c44 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 45.
3/2 c43 waytodawn0
Wait, I’m only rereading this and I just put this together…zetsu clones?!
3/2 c44 5Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and welcome back :)
3/2 c44 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
3/2 c44 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! So Kushina did not kill the woman's husband and baby. Good to know. Naruto is going to lose it when he sees his girls look the way they do. LOL!
3/2 c44 codywhite162
Loved the chapter :) Excited to find out what will happen next.
3/2 c44 Irina Akashira
Ty for the update

Anyway, what do expect this Zara? Declare the war just to get a child?

Best be careful how much explain to general population, othercase I can imagine some people saying to hand over Naruto to avoid a war
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