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3/2 c44 13Yami Luna Kitsune
FINALLY, a new chapter

pretty great chapter eager for more
3/2 c44 DylanGreninja
Excellent Chapter
2/6 c43 15Leaf Ranger
So I'm assuming the dark elf woman might have been referring to horror, despair, and stress at the news of her fiance's death being what caused the miscarriage, because outside of Kushina being brainwashed or having memories sealed, sounds about the only way to explain that. Guess we'll see.

Meanwhile, Rin smacks around Tenten and Lee, and the Council has to deal with the aftermath of the plans fiasco. Nice.

Good chapter, keep it up.
1/21 c37 Wickey
Really enjoying this story I get excited every time I see it’s updated the only thing I find curious is have you forgotten about Ayame?
It’s just she went flying off a branch in Yggdrassil as well and you haven’t really included her in the story since then
1/14 c43 Ryu wolf
Nice chapter
1/11 c33 Capturing200
You know unlike every other reader here who are siding with Kushina and Naruto over Zara. I find the way you made her out to be the bad guy for trying to save her race is forced. You set it up so having an Incubi is all but impossible/rare and as Queen Zara has to make the hard choices. Kushina is practically dooming them to extinction because no male has been born and Succubi have a low chance of being born by your rules when mixed with other races. Kushina and Naruto were unwilling to compromise from the start, which makes them the bad guys in this story for me, so I am dropping after this chapter.
1/11 c43 HurZysn
thanks for the chapter. looking forward to the next
1/3 c43 codywhite162
Excellent chapter. Looking forward to reading more from this story
1/2 c43 Kitten Arina
I am always glad to see an update to this story. I get annoyed for how long it takes when these chapters are this short. You know that I don’t go by word count, I go by the feel of the actual chapter that I am reading. I am curious about the relationship between Mogei and her mother as well as Mogei and Naruto. Then I am curious how Hinata views it. With them being on the road for so long we haven’t been able to see anything develop there. And lets not forget about Ino what else might she want to be and how often can she change before it becomes the only thing that she can be? And I do recall you saying it by the doctors but would that spell change a guy into a female if that spell is used on them? Because I think Kiba would be stupid enough to ask so he could try and compete with Naruto for all the girls. And maybe his thoughts of the amount of girls he is going to attract causes it to make him a succubus instead of a Incubus. Maybe have his mother there to watch make the stupid request in the first place as well maybe off to the side for the humor of being so stupid in the first place.
1/2 c2 ABitterPill
Civilian council cliche? Nope. Has always been utter garbage and is a story killer to me. I can't read thus tripe anymore.
1/1 c43 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
1/1 c43 13Yami Luna Kitsune
FINALLY managed to get this far

i've been stuck on chap 40 for a good while

LOVE this story, so far

VERY eager for the next chapter
1/1 c43 101VFSNAKE
Nice! I believe Zetsu had a hand in this issue with Konoha's government. Only he has plant-based abilities that could do what he does.
1/1 c43 HyperA2019
Will Naruto try revive Uzushiogakure?
1/1 c43 5Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and happy new year :)
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