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1/1 c43 Irina Akashira
Ty for the update

Considering the setting
I guess it will be hard to explain where did they go, without explain about succubus/incubus powers

If they explain "everything", people opposing to Naruto would send to be needed send both Naruto and Kushina back, to avoid other war. Also, thinking this way they can fully reclaim Namikaze and Uzumaki's resources without consecuences

If just explained "partially", they would likely think to be a new/unknown bloodline
12/6/2023 c42 4ichigo.kurosaki935
Need more. Way too good. I want to know the history began kushina and the dark elf. Also what about Karin? What happens with yakumo? How does the leaf react to Hiruzen returning from the dead?
11/25/2023 c42 a fan of this
It took me almost a day to decide to finish reading the chapters that I still had to read... I think that's what I needed to be able to enjoy the story again... Many things in this story bother me, but not reading it all at once it has calmed me down enough to enjoy it again, I hope you update soon... something tells me it will take a while
11/25/2023 c36 not a fan
and the story gets worse again

When they went for ygrasil the first time you wrote that nothing could be done to them, but now you can

At the beginning of the chapter it was supposed that Naruto couldn't fly, but his clones could...

Please get serious about writing or stop writing if it is not going to be consistent with what you write.
11/25/2023 c35 not a fan
honestly disappointing the nerf you have done to the shinobis... much worse than in canon

Shizune's senbon are poisoned
They are shinobi, it wouldn't have taken them so long to wake up.
You're making all the shinobi go much slower than they really are.
Why would Naruto dissipate the clones if he can use them as cover?
Why does transforming into a succubus make you lose the use of chakra?

Seriously, it seems to me that you are making the shinobi much weaker than they are just so you can make them suffer.
11/24/2023 c3 not a fan
and the story gets even worse, the ambu are loyal to the hokage not to some useless civilians
11/24/2023 c2 not a fan
I'll keep reading, but I can't believe that Tsunade hasn't hit anyone after everything they've done so far...
11/18/2023 c42 androxtempest
pretty damn good story i hope this continues in the future
10/15/2023 c42 15Leaf Ranger
So, sounds like the Council was made up of Zetsu clones, which makes sense on why they'd do so much dumb s***.

And Neji is spending time with his betrothed, which is good. Establish a relationship first.

While Sasuke...well hopefully he'll get to Blood Prison and not be picked up by Orochimaru on the way there. Though the clever thing to do would be a double bluff. While the wagons are obvious targets, have someone else who left before hand by a number of days who has Sasuke in a scroll all sealed up, unitl they reach the prison. But make it seem like a normal mission.

And here comes Ino now, wnating Naruto as well. Not surprising given what you described.

Good work overall, keep it up!
9/16/2023 c42 codywhite162
Really loved reading the story up until this chapter and I cannot wait for it to be updated again :)
9/16/2023 c42 HyperA2019
Looking forward to the next Chapter.
9/10/2023 c42 ZeonSilt
Definitely looking forward to the chapters to come and hopefully maybe possibly some outside characters can get involved with the cast like Shizuka or Honoka... Shion would be funny lol hmm Fuu? Xo
9/10/2023 c3 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Wow, this is terrible.
9/9/2023 c32 ZeonSilt
My only beef with this chapter... he could have summoned the Toads, no? Also just wondering, I'm guessing your aiming to not have Naruto talk with Kurama? With everything happening I'm sure at some point Kurama would've tried to speak with him by now with the new worlds and info Kurama probably didn't know... which brings me to the next thing... what about the other Jinchuriki's at this point? Also, again lol the other worlds, again I ask wondering if you plan to use them other than just these 2? hmmmm chap 32... almost caught up...
9/8/2023 c23 ZeonSilt
Love the story! However, doesn't see like any other relationships outside Naruto cast so far which would be a missed opportunity. Again, I'm only on chap. 23 so don't know yet but I feel Morrigan or even Felicia would've been an interesting add on to this story so far. Darkstalkers mesh well here in my opinion.
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