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5/23/2018 c4 tasyadewi16
update pleaseeeeeeee
4/3/2017 c4 LavaLilly
No it had only Just Begun and it's already at a cliffhanger
10/27/2016 c4 Visually Dreamer
Oh, my goodness, this story so far is amazing beyond words. Look forward to next chapter!
10/24/2015 c4 SugarQuill1995
Very interesting! Can't wait to see what happens next! ! :D
7/6/2015 c4 12Kirihara Reii
Nice! Update soon :)
5/8/2015 c3 Inaya
I hope I don't offend you, but could you please put a warning if this is yaoi/shounen ai fanfiction? I think your fanfiction is interesting but I would appreciate it if you could please put a m/m warning (if it is in fact a yaoi/shounen ai fanfiction). Again, I hope I haven't offended you in any way and if I did I it was not my intention to do so.

Thank You,
3/31/2015 c3 nakamura1miu
5/22/2014 c3 witagowtama
OOH...! Please CONTINUE AND UPDATE SOON! I love this story..! You're a great author..! By the way, are tsuna and daemon have meet before? It's seems like daemon know and meet tsuna before. Well, I like when you describe the situation around tsuna. It's make me shivered...! Please make the story more horror..!
5/22/2014 c3 witagowtama
woah...! I love this story..! Are the blue butterfly is Daemon Spade? Well, good story and please continue and update soon. I'M CURIOUS TO DEATH...!
4/22/2014 c3 17Kichou
Hibari is so sexy! Grab Tsuna already and make him yours! Nice chapter.
11/25/2012 c2 blackywinks66
Pls continue
6/21/2012 c2 MadnessAndCoffee
Update. Seriously.

This is too great to NOT finish.
2/4/2012 c1 5KitsuneNaru
2/4/2012 c2 2hammanop
I've just gotta say, this is my first time reading one of your stories, but so far I already love your writing! It's so descriptive, and I'm interested to where the story will go. I can't wait until your next update. Keep up the great job!
2/4/2012 c2 17Kichou
Why did Hibari hurt Tsuna when he came on time? Just because of the butterfly he let loose? Tsuna can't ever get a break. Nice chapter. Update soon please.
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