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for Chaos Returns

5/5/2014 c1 Curl girl
all ?! Are you making another chapter ?
2/7/2012 c1 42SmilesThroughFandoms
Great Job! I luv this story! Continue please.
12/22/2011 c1 metamochara
Please update! This story is really good so far and I REALLY cannot wait for the next chapter! :D
11/28/2011 c1 3Energy witch

Now this looks promising...wonder where this revenge thing is going.

Hope you update this, I am pretty curious.
11/6/2011 c1 2Muminpappan
I like where you are going with this story!
11/5/2011 c1 2AlmightyAeneas
Ok, to be honest, I didn't read this. But I see this as a chance to remind you of something... You still have Revenge to update. I tried to keep reminding you on deviantArt, but that hasn't seemed to be working. Granted, im probably not one to talk...
11/5/2011 c1 42cartuneslover17
Read this on DA! As I said before, it's super awesome and I can't wait for you to update! :)

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