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3/14/2013 c1 6Codry
How comes i've never read this story
so will this be a 3some or ...
It was rather poetic, but i guess at this point i cannot understand weather aizen loves orihime or ichigo
ummm ... I guess i will find out in the next chapter BD (codry is so subtle)
4/9/2012 c1 wanda lensherr
What did he whisper in her ear? Omg i wanna know. Plz plz update. The torcher of waiting ugh. Lol theres no rush if u dont wanna update right away.
2/2/2012 c1 11urarararararara
It was pretty deep. Your grammar wasn't that f'ed up. Can't wait 'till next chap.
11/14/2011 c1 18Lonewingwriter
It's so difficult to review your story. The other day, I saw you posted two stories, then one minute later they just disappeared, and new stories posted. I seriously don't have time to review them.

Do not delete this story!

I loved the beginning, it's so poetic like one of the reviewer has said.

Suggest you to find a beta if you want to write more in the future. Because they will not only help you with grammar and spelling, but also character development, description, flow and even the plot.

Your writing is not bad, it has its charm, believe me. In fact, I don't believe anyone to have a bad writing, it's only the problem of whether they want to put the time and effort in to improve their writing.

This first chapter suggests a potentially great plot, so please continue. If you want, I'll tell you in the review what I think you could do better.
11/11/2011 c1 53Sariniste
I found your story! Actually, this is very interesting... atmospheric and intriguing.

You might want to get a beta to help with your grammar.

And I admit I was quite surprised to see you writing Aizen/Ichigo. But of course I love the Aizen/Ichigo/Orihime triangle.
11/9/2011 c1 1Anshin'in
great start, the beginning was particularly poetic. Love the element of Aizen/Ichigo as well, gives the story some edge :D

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