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6/30/2013 c1 45Arwen4eva
This is a fab story! I love it. Could you continue...? :)
2/21/2013 c1 ABVM
This was interesting,but,how will Gwen help Merlin &Arthur or will it be Elyan and his friends to the rescue?
9/24/2012 c1 Lydia
Well written, but i didnt really get it...
7/15/2012 c1 freckled98
OMG I love where this story is going. Please continue this story.
5/24/2012 c1 1sunfun
Nice story.

12/2/2011 c1 50MyraValhallah
Ooh- please continue this I want to see where you take it.
11/14/2011 c1 4IslandGem
Really enjoying it so far. You've managed to do reincarnation in a very entertaining way. Can't wait to read more. Thanks!
11/10/2011 c1 lara smith
The evil sisters are up to their old tricks again! Some things just never change, do they? At least, Gwen has a true friend in Freya. If only Gwen has more girlfriends then that'll be wonderful!

Unbelievable! Guinevere, the salvation instead of the downfall of Camelot? Who would've guessed? Then again, legends do portray women in a less positive light as men were intimidated in the medieval epoch by strong, feisty, independent, brave, and outspoken ladies. Men usually found these types to be threat to their authority and it was unconventional for them to behave in this manner which explains why they were depicted as witches or whores or as Eves. Besides, people love intrigues and scandals and anything such as a faithful queen or king would certainly be too dull and uninteresting. Also legends were written in an era reflecting the prurient behaviors of some of the women of nobility at the time especially after Christian De Troyes who was the predecessor of Mallory. No one has ever researched the earliest Welsh legends in which Guinevere was faithful and Lancelot didn't even existed.

Please remember, Gwen! She is the only hope Merlin, Arthur, and Camelot has. She is their salvation! Otherwise Camelot will fall into the hands of Morgana's oppressive rule again.

11/9/2011 c1 7BagginsPotterPevensie
11/7/2011 c1 1Buni1995
Is there going to be more?

Please say yes!

I LOVE it! :)
11/7/2011 c1 torvillas971
Very intriguing! I wonder how and when Gwen will fully remember everything. I especially enjoyed your statement, through Arthur, that the character of Guinevere was twisted throughout times, because we all know that sweet, awesome Gwen would never betray Arthur! : )

Looking forward to more!
11/7/2011 c1 rallitsa
It`s great so far! There is a similar tree near my house and I`m pretty sure it`s haunted too(or maybe it`s just the wind).

Update soon!
11/7/2011 c1 6WhoNewbie
I am very intrigued. I like the idea of exploring the less destructive Guinevere legend. I look forward to seeing how you bring this all together.
11/7/2011 c1 wisa
Wow I really enjoyed this story.. very well written. I love the whole twist u gave it.

please please continue...
11/7/2011 c1 primesgirl4
It is nice great start. I love it. Please please another update. I am glad that Gwen is getting help. I love the cast.

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