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for His Son

8/5/2018 c20 32obsessive360
8/5/2018 c3 obsessive360
Love this so far, but, small thing, "Another One Bites the Dust" is by Queen, not AC/DC; great song all the same.
11/14/2014 c20 HoldOnAndNeverLetGo
I only have 2 words for this story: Loved. It. !.!
4/28/2014 c19 Guest
There's something about this story that I just can't get into. It just lacks any real kind of depth. It like reading a really long summery of a book. He said this and then she did its and yada, yada...it just doesn't have that quality element in it that brings the story to life. I feel like eve you didn't like writing this story. The enthusiasm is almost lacking behind your words.

I love the idea of the story and the plot, I just don't...fall into your story like a reader should. I will say that I certainly don't think your names match your family. Usually when picking out names, test them to make sure they fit. Athena Sloan? It just doesn't sound like there was any real thought behind it. The same with Ryson. Why are you picking a name that has so little meaning when Mark and Lexie are so into the name Xavier? Who cares so much about a middle name? Daniel Xavier sounds so much better and fits better with your story.

I'm not trying to flame, I am simply giving HONEST feedback about your writing. It might be hard to read, but this is my opinion on your peice. Give the story some depth and you will have an awesome piece of work on your hands.
3/20/2012 c20 1bjq
AWESOME is where it went too.
3/19/2012 c20 LIz
That was perfect
3/19/2012 c20 ambroserollinsgirl
Loved the chater, great ending :)
3/19/2012 c20 Maureen
I like how you ended your story. By giving us the reader glimpses into the children's lives as thay grew up was fantastic.

Along with the adults in the story I loved it. Well done.

3/19/2012 c20 CallMeGigi
Aww it was very sweet and romantic! Congrats:)

I really like the fact that you didn't make them all into surgeons and I absolutely love the way you explained their lives. Athena's life reminded me so much of mine. I don't have siblings but I have two cousins that are five and six years older than I am and they are ultra overprotective!

Again loved it and I really like how you wrote their death:')
3/19/2012 c20 bookfreak25
Amazing ending to an Amazing story i loved it and can't wait to read the next Lexie and Mark adventure :)
3/15/2012 c19 7missoutontheprize
Glad to see them all happy! It was nice that Nathan had a sense for his sister.
3/14/2012 c19 Mjae
Just found this story. I really love it! Can't wait to read more!
3/14/2012 c19 1bjq
AWESOME! I loved the suprise twins! Will Derek and Meredith come around? What is Addison upto? Please update soon
3/13/2012 c19 jaycee
alright someone in the comments before complained about ryson which i think is absolutely perfect and adorable, especially the way you described it, but my problem is the unrealistic approach with a second unknown baby and the name athena

first off were not in the 17th century where we had no technology to detect another baby. for god sake's, mark and lexie are doctors and you're making them look stupid that they couldn't even know that they were having twins.

second, athena really? we're not in greece people and you have one unusual name, but i mean really, a greek outdated name that has nothing to do with this story. mark has 4 kids- sloane, nathan, ryson and athena. the older three kids have bad-ass names that sounds cool and awesome together, but now you throw in athena? you're ruining your story right here with this unrealistic approach.

i'm sorry to be so tough, but sometimes criticism is a good thing
3/13/2012 c19 Maureen
Great chapter. So now the babies are here. It is so cute how Nathan got to name his baby sister. They are such an adorable family. Well done.

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