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for Baby Dhampir

5/17/2014 c2 dfs
damn that's it?
that's where you end it? oh that's just sad
2/22/2013 c2 Guest
Keep writing the story plz! its awesome :o
12/9/2012 c2 bookworm1223
It was amazing and I loved it! Please continue!
11/29/2012 c2 Guest
Please continue
10/11/2012 c2 Cat
Please post soon! I must know what happenes. Will Rose live or die? The suspense is killing me! Ps I don't have a profile on here.
5/6/2012 c2 crugart
I finished both Mommy Dhampir and Baby Dhampir today. They are wonderful stories. I laughed, cried, and became joyful throughout reading. I don't know if you will be writing anymore fo rthi story but I hope you can give us a few more chapters on what happens after the birth, if she gets better and lives, and stuff like that!

Your a great author and once again I enoyed reading your stories!
3/1/2012 c2 2midnightwriter13
LOVE IT!please update soon
1/8/2012 c2 8Tsyilna Llyria
Crazily I understand. Im in the SAME boat with make up work and finals. I hope you are able to finish because i know first hand just how much stress that can put on someone. Good Luck! Take your time. I know that ill be here to R&R whenever you get a new chapter out!
1/2/2012 c1 Ghoul99
Update please the chapter is the same as the last chapter of the first book
12/13/2011 c1 Ally
Dont know if i reviewed but i have been waiting ages for you to update so hurry up! Please,xoxoxoxo ally
11/7/2011 c1 Tsyilna Llyria
I like it. Cant wait to see what happens next

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