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2/3/2013 c1 3PrincessGriffin1995
Awwwww! This was so cute. Please do another one!
7/6/2012 c1 18123serendipitee
Very sweet! :o) Have you written anything else New Girl lately?
5/23/2012 c1 2Animefreakkagome
3/22/2012 c1 72DrawnToDarkness
Fantastic story! I have a fondess for Casablanca and, combined with one of my new favourite 'ships, I really loved this.

You have a good grasp of their characters, too - this felt like something we could actually see on the show.

Hope you write more - thanks for sharing this with us!
3/4/2012 c1 50AMiserableLove
Super cute! Loved this. I think I actually read it before, but I'm not sure I had an account on here when I did, so maybe that's why I didn't comment. Regardless...great story, so dang adorable!
2/18/2012 c1 19cookie-dough
This was a really sweet story, and I loved Nick's inner thoughts on this one. Great work.
1/11/2012 c1 4hisdarkdesire
alrighty then. You can bet I turned on the song and listened to it while reading. It's just so precious, I can't even handle how much I love this
12/1/2011 c1 1ellie-dashwood
super cute and total mushy sweet. gave me the warm and fuzzies. * sigh* i loved it, especially the ending.
11/28/2011 c1 4RikiMuniz
I soo loved it! You should add more chapters! Seriously! :D
11/25/2011 c1 8Innocent-Youth
Cute :)
11/24/2011 c1 Shaneaadialevesque
Loved it! I really hope you write another nick& Jess story. :)
11/22/2011 c1 27thecanadian13
This was cute. I like your New Girl pieces. They are my favorite out of the 17 in here :P
11/21/2011 c1 19mysillywritation
Awww. How sweet :)
11/17/2011 c1 1imawesome519
very cute and adorbs! write more!
11/16/2011 c1 72auditoryeden
I love this! So so much! I remember after I saw Cece Crashing I kept seeing domestic adorableness between them everywhere! Then she brought home Paul G-something and I was like... _O_ Although I appreciated the extremely married-couple-esque fights they had.

This is so very very sweet, I just about died. I love that song, I love this ship, I love this story and I love you.
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