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for A Wish: The New Beginning

1/28 c12 vrani140
continue, please
12/24/2015 c12 Breath after Death
8/13/2015 c12 Guest
disculpa por favor sigueee esta buena me encanto por favorrrr
7/15/2013 c12 Shiratsubasa
a GREAT STORY! i LOVE IT! There are really little time travel fics of KHR, so I was thrilled when I came across this. The only complain I have is about the length of ur chapters. They're too short. Just to get an idea of how long it should be, take a look at my fanfic. You don't need to read it. I'm just trying to make you undersand. Anyway! I'm looking forward to the (hopefully longer) next chapter. Good luck!
3/23/2013 c12 1269AnimeFreak69
Such an awesome story ! when I saw the last time you updated I ... well I really wanted to cry !
11/11/2012 c12 26Fi Suki Saki
Tsuna is tooooooooo SMART! Too Good! So, what should he do to be friend with Yamamoto?

Ah, in this fic you make Mochida good! XD
I found another fic with good Mochida, yaayy!
9/15/2012 c12 pollo
Damn. I knew I was asking for trouble for reading this. I couldn't stop myself for reading this and in turn I might've cause my own demise. By that I mean, PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
8/3/2012 c12 38LyckyDycky
Update please!
7/16/2012 c12 Guest
truly a unique and original story, keep the marvelous job!
7/8/2012 c12 Guest
Please update. It's getting even more interesting. D
7/6/2012 c12 3Kanda Yuuki
I'm waiting for Hibari to show up.
6/27/2012 c12 Guest
i like the ch. looking forword to the nixt.
i wonder if hibari will fight tsuna than join his family or will he be like the anime and manga.
6/9/2012 c12 BlackRose64
cool just amazing i cant wait to see the next chapter it's different from the others and i like it
6/3/2012 c12 anon
thats right, i'm an anon! I rarely ever review because i can't be bothered but I just LOVE time travel fics! So i couldn't help but cheer you on! this fanfic is pure awesome! seriously! so keep on going! and i was wondering...how long will you do this for? Like, how many chapters? So I know what to expect! so please continue! :D
5/17/2012 c12 Nina Himmel
hope you update soon D
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