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5/2/2015 c1 5Lenora Jime
Hahaha... I'm laughing hard when isshin said that ichigo's into furniture :D It's like being a gay isnt worse enough, he's just thinking out of ordinary but I couldnt blame him since he kinda caught him in the act...hahhaha :D
That's one hell awkward and hilarious scene ever, many thanks for making me laugh. See ya :D
8/24/2014 c1 3Reishin Amara
...I can't stop laughing...
4/15/2012 c1 BosRonald
Though we all know Isshin is a shinigami, it was still funny.
3/28/2012 c1 liizziieoh
HOLY COW! This literally had me cracking up like a weirdo! I loved it and it's most definetly going in my Faves!
12/20/2011 c1 8TheMysterious1ne
12/14/2011 c1 SomeoneWhoLikesBleach
I really tried to read this drabble, Miriam, but... Oh goodness! I honestly don't know how you manage to capture all these different pairings!

Like Skelle, I skipped to the funny parts. I'm just not ready for this yet. lol

Hope you're still enjoying the doujinshi master list!
12/6/2011 c1 8moulinrouge32
Hahaha love his dad's reaction! XD Great job!
11/10/2011 c1 1Troglodytarum
Heh... It was funny, no doubt about it. But I'm pretty damn sure isshin could she rukia in soul form. Just wanted to point that out.
11/10/2011 c1 WhiteTigerLilly
I totally agree with ur random thought lol.

I was dying when u said his stuff was all mid air! I was rotflmao!

Drabbles rock!
11/10/2011 c1 FaNdOm BiTcHsLaP
YOU ARE SUCH A TRAITOR j/k. I respect the whole not fave shipping anybody thing. You can write whatever you feel like. i kinda skipped over the whole ichiruki spit swapping because frankly they make me want to hurl so i read the funny parts. yes I'm a coward that can't stand them being fluffy. i could totatlly see ishin calling Ichigo a mattress humper though! I didn't know I inspired you to write this so i am honored. maybe i can inspire you to write a grimmichi? SORRY i love that paring so i guess I do ship them. lmao
11/10/2011 c1 3Xsd
I fucking loved it. Freaking hilarious XD

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