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4/3/2017 c5 Guest
Poorly written. A lot of spelling mistakes. You should really proofread before you post
7/27/2016 c7 Rayray0528
Well atleast soda ain't broken no more. Can't wait till the gang meets everyone else. It's like mini Sirius but there are more than one
1/4/2015 c9 15KaoraDarnesse33
I loved this story. Cant wait for the next ch
9/30/2014 c9 2ThatOneJay123
Plz update, this is really good.
5/29/2014 c9 2teamleoforlife
really good keep updating!
11/3/2013 c9 2Yueki Sakura
11/3/2013 c5 Yueki Sakura
Nice bumbledora LOL
6/7/2013 c9 That winter soldier
What? I wanted to keep reading this... well thats a disapointment... :-( oh well *shrug*
4/5/2013 c8 Guest
Your spelling and grammar are unsatisfactory, and you simply don't have a good plot. I don't appreciate the slang language, nor are the characters IC. It's all OOC. How old are you? I suggest you should brush up on your skills before writing a fic, and when you do, you should redo it. I think you might have the potential to do so.
2/20/2013 c9 4greasergirl2012
Happy late birthday and update soon!
2/3/2013 c5 5tardissoul
Bumbledora... HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA *wipes tear of laughter from face*. This was really well written! Bravo!
1/31/2013 c9 AFgurl
Ur a bitch and the story sucked. :p
1/31/2013 c8 AFgurl
This story is just so creepy.
1/31/2013 c7 AFgurl
So. Stupid.
1/31/2013 c6 AFgurl
How did Ponyboy know that they went somewhere?
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