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for Percy Jackson and the City of the Ancients

9/30 c1 jschieble
So short...
8/31/2019 c1 WhiteEagle1985
Interesting one-shot here.
5/7/2019 c1 Val'Hor
Thank you for introducing me to this crossover ! Please give us more of this, it looks very promising !
4/17/2017 c1 OrangeKing89
Great story. So I am guessing that the Olympians are Ancients that did go down the worshipers for power route?
Ok I dont think anyone thought of that Idea Atlantis and percy please keep with this story
1/10/2017 c1 Guest
I wish you would contine.
10/15/2016 c1 Nolifeking222
would love more of this story like him bring annabeth here them learning about the gods stuff like that
10/2/2016 c1 Guest
Should continue
8/10/2016 c1 Guest
wish u kept going would have loved to read more
8/10/2016 c1 4DragonFoxx
I would love to see where you could take this. It is a great beginning with so much potential.
6/13/2016 c1 Guest
You should update this soon
2/22/2016 c1 Tensolin
Great star I would love to read more if your so inclined ti write it. Im a big fan of stargate.
2/14/2016 c1 Luna
first , you shod Reilly make this a full story
two, a tip win tha talk you sud hear the other
guy over the radio, sorry for the bad Spalding :)
8/26/2015 c1 4MythicalParadox
This is amazing. I wish it was a full story
12/2/2014 c1 JanusGodOfPossibilities
Excellent chapter. 4,000/10

You really should try to continue this, its extremely good and intriguing.
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