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9/4/2020 c15 MalachiDaBest
Truly an Amazing story filled with many Amazing characters, Thank you for all of this.
1/30/2019 c8 23KILLROZE
It's me again. Yes, this is my 4th time reading this story. It's the way that you develop characters. Everyone important is flushed out, well written, and with great dialog. It really gives me inspiration to write good dialog for my characters as well. I'm currently writing another Sonaze story, along with a few others that's on the back burner, and with this type of character study, I find myself enthralled. Good work dude, again, and again, and again. Can't wait to see you update your current works. I've read it all. Seriously great work!
4/16/2018 c15 Albian
Well, I finally finished my reading.

Sonic and Blaze definitely make a sweet couple and their interactions were the most enjoyable moments in the fic.

The story certainly had me interested in the entire run and you certainly had potential for writing, even with some ocassional mistakes ("choatix", seriously?)

There are however some things that bugs me:

The first is, the story feels... incomplete; the ending feels like a cliffhanger for me. I mean, they can't hide their relationship forever and then they are gonna be in a world of trouble, yet at the same time relief since thet won't need to hide it. And I admit I am really curious to see how that would develop. Is there any hope for a flashforward episode? This is also an issue I had in your Nicole story to a lesser extent.

In a lesser note, I was also curious to see if Tiara would find a couple (Unless you count Honey XD)

The second is, I think after the duel between Tiara and Blaze Sonic should have step forward and tell Tiara he doesn't want anything with her and why their relationship couldn't work. And maybe give her an opportunity to open her heart.

The third is the notion that in Blaze's world females must kidnap the man they like, which essentially means marriages there only works thanks to Stockholm syndrome. Expecially if the scene in the restaurant is of any indication. That's kind of fucked up.
9/11/2017 c8 A concerned guy
Hey, I'm on chapter seven and really like the story, but why did you have to make mobious a dystopian state where men are basically kidnapped and forced into marriage/slavery? Just saying, I'n surprised none have them have gone crazy or decide to go down shooting.
6/13/2017 c15 TheGrunt22
Ah hey there. Long time no see! (Kill me for saying that!) I feel so terrible, as my severe absense at reviewing this is way long overdue and inexusable. College and work have left me precious little time... Forgive me!

First off, I can understand you writing more to this already completed story! You get that writing bug when your imagination goes down the rabbit hole and it runs down the tracks without stop, and you spend time trying to jot everything down with the same passion as your imagination has it. But gotta go fast before it all soon fades away! Heh, yeah. Sure these interludes are just more for fun, but they are quite amusing and entertaining non-the-less by watching how all of our favorite characters continue to interact and mess with each other.

Quite honestly though, that Werehog moment made me bawl out laughing hard. Good ol' werehog! Even if Unleashed has been vindicated for a long time...is it safe to say I actually liked those nighttime stages? XP! Even if they were a tad repetitive and it was Sega's way of forcing us to enjoy the scenery porn with some snazzy music!

Cream the Rabbit. The curiosity of a child who just knows something fishy is going on and it's not because of that fish in the tank over there, Eggman! Sorry, been watching too much Sonic Boom; that tv show's pretty hilarious.

Poor Choatix! They try to hard, and just to make ends and they still fall short! Or continued to be treated like jokes. Which they are. But it's why we love them still, lol.

Ah Tails, it doesn't matter how much you idiot evil genius proof something. Someone or something always finds a way to screw it all up! Same goes for cosmic powers and anomolies; some git always finds a way through even the most tightest mast.

I always enjoyed the chess and manipulation games between Blaze and her parents, where especially given the last chapter how the two parties keep going at it with the parents trying to corner and box her in while Blaze keeps having her pieces spread out to avoid being locked in. It always brings a smirk to face imagining it out! Maybe it might make a good epilogue closing chapter one day to have all of the variables come crashing down together and nothing's just the same anymore, complete with Eggman being envious that he wasn't the one to start the trouble. But alas, that decision is up to you and there's no real pressure towards it!

All in all, coming back to this does re-ignite some of my passion for decent and good Sonic fanfiction stories and not to mention my love for the Sonic Rush series too. Quite honestly, I miss Blaze's presence within the Sonic universe; everything involving her post Sonic and the Black Knight is either just Mario & Sonic sports series or just minor cameos where she always just happens to be ropped in next to Silver, all because of Sanic Oh Six's infamous reputation being permanently withstanding. Even this upcoming Sonic Forces is shaping up to be just that. Oh well, we still have our imaginations to retreat to and share amongst each other! Either way, whether or not you're still here, thanks for bringing me back!
5/31/2017 c7 Kocainum
I love you. Amazing story. Sorry i waited till chapter 7 to leave review. This is Gold!
3/23/2017 c9 Stevenski
11/9/2016 c15 Pointypointy
I have binge read through the story. I love the ending and the added stories between Blaze and Sonic

But as I read it I was curious if a possible spin or twist on the story as a separate story if possible. Tiara is left out and in a similar predicament with Blaze all this time, i know it is considered bad and not exactly good storytelling but I would propose a Blaze/Sonic/Tiara idea because as much as I read I also wanted to read Tiara having her happiness too.

Though that is just me having read the stories in one go, all the same keep up the good work! Admittedly also read your other stories.
This and Sonic with Buns are my favorites.
With the B/S/T being a close second if ever that happened.

Cannot wait to see more and more upcoming works you have in store for this or the next.
10/5/2016 c15 Stevenski
You my friend are a very skilled writer, I would love to see more sonaze stories from you. Very excellent work here!
8/20/2016 c15 Joyoiyoi
I got to say. This is by far one of the best written Sonaze fanfic on this site (the other being Power of Bonds). The story is quite interesting and tackles topics I have yet to read in other fics until now. I also like the way you handle Sonic and Blaze's relationship, as well as add characters like Tiara and Honey in. Your interpretation and characterization of Tiara is by far one of my favorites and has honestly make me wish she was no longer a scrapped character. All in all, the story is fun, interesting, funny, and appealing to read and I hope you do another Sonaze story one day.
8/18/2016 c15 13sonicxblazey
amazing as always... but why didn't you have them kissing at any point...

4/11/2016 c14 Emperor AWESOME
That was an amazing story you should be a book writer this is awesome stuff
P.S. Like you're stories!
8/11/2015 c3 Music anon
ok, that's it.
i'm going to listen to Assassin's Creed IV OSS for the remaining of this story because... well, it just seems to work pretty well :)
5/11/2015 c1 Guest
I still like this story (as it is about the only paring I'm cool with)
5/4/2015 c14 3rkzmcginnis
All I can say is I am late to the party. Anyways I had read all of your stories but the Sonic and Bunnie Rabbot one. Having limited time to read and school and yada yada yada. I can safetly say I have read over 100 Sonic and Blaze Pairing Stories. And I have to say this one is one of the best one I have read. I really enjoyed all of your work that I have read up until this point. Thank you for the great story, and I am looking forward to your future work.
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