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11/13/2011 c1 Ezkutu
I already read your one-shot and I'm glad you decided to turn it into a multi-chapter fic. There's not much to say except that it's great and can't wait for more.
11/13/2011 c1 Aaron Leach
Awesome chapter.
11/13/2011 c1 Schirman
I enjoyed your story. I hope you continue this one. :)
11/13/2011 c1 anthony37
Have harry inherit his Veela abilities from his mother rather than Voldermort (THAT JUST CREEPS ME OUT)

Fleur could be BI especially if she sleeps with harry in both his forms.

I wonder what Hermoine & Ginny etc will say when they learn the truth
11/13/2011 c1 Zicou
Looks awesome!

I can't wait to read more so...


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