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11/26/2013 c13 Nrbl1
That's the truth...unfortunately it is what it is for the majority of addicts
9/18/2013 c13 Guest
You need more details of how they died
8/16/2013 c13 meelee72
That hurt.
But, ur right. Some people succeed in recovery & some don't, because, YES, it only takes one slip.
A dear friend of mine was clean for 4 yrs, & both his parents died within 4 months of each other, & he relapsed... He's no longer on Earth because he started using again for a while, & one night he didn't wake up.
There are happy endings, but there are many sad endings also.

U did an amazing job capturing the torture of addiction. The way it affects everyone, not just the people using.
This leaves me sad, but u did an amazing job.
Great story, mama. - U are beyond talented.

[I am in love w/ ur story "An Angry Man" but took a (short) break from it to chk out some of ur other work. Glad I did]
8/16/2013 c12 meelee72
Poor babies... & I say that because they have a disease, & they want so badly to clean up, but deep down, it seems, they know they want a fix more. :(
& they love each other so much. - It's sad. So, so sad.
8/16/2013 c10 meelee72
"Then it just... took over."

Phew. - Ain't that the damned truth.
8/16/2013 c9 meelee72
Ooohhhhh my gosh, this is so pitiful. Poor baby. He knows he needs to get better, but he is so so sick.
I hope he goes & stays. & Bella, too... Plz get help, guys!
8/16/2013 c8 meelee72
Agh, my heart...
8/16/2013 c7 meelee72
My heart is literally in pieces for Esme. Our children, no matter how old, are our babies, & we'd do anything. Anything. - As much pain as I know Carlisle is in for what he has to do, I'm w/ Esme, I'd want my baby home. - But, obviously, I'd have to somehow find a way to get him help.
The guilt of eating a nice meal when she knows her son is out there.. I get that & u potrayed it well.
Ur doing a great job w/ all of it. - I feel everything.
8/16/2013 c6 meelee72
SO gut wrenching.
8/16/2013 c4 meelee72
:( So in love, but so very lost.
8/16/2013 c3 meelee72
As parents, they wanna take it all away. :(
How horrible that they don't even know where their on children are because those kids won't even reach out to them. It's what they want most, & they can't have it. :( Cuts so deep.
8/16/2013 c2 meelee72
Uughhh, that hurt so much.

(My addiction was prescription pain killers, & altho I've never used a needle, & never was in a placs like that, where E&B just were, my husband & I both had the same addiction, & we also fed off of each other. I know what that is like. - & whether u shoot heroin in ur viens or swallow a handful of pills, it doesn't matter... Addiction is addiction & no one is better than the other.)
- Sorry, dunno why I'm spilling my guts, it's just that this really hits home.
& ur writing.. Wow. It's like I'm right there watching it happen. This is real, raw, & wide open. - As it is w/ ur writing style, which I adore.
8/16/2013 c1 meelee72
"Hope & disappointment. Dreams & nightmares."
That says so much. & I've been there myself, w/ my own bad choices & spiral downward. Thankfully, that's in the past, but I know how painful it is. I cannot imagine if it was one of my children. I can't imagine having to use that kind of tough love w/ them. That what always scared me the most, is that one of em would suffer like I did, become dependant.
I won't be able to put this down.
- Esme's pain & anguish breaks my heart. & so does Carlisle's & the desicion he's had to make.
8/1/2013 c13 1Beans827
SOOOOOOO VERY SAD! But also so true. Unfortunately. But as always, it was beautifully written. Bless you for sharing your talented ways!
5/30/2013 c13 Lulabell75
I would never harp (well, on any story...who am I?) on anything do beautifully written. I'm a total 100% HEA girl, but some of my favorite stories are ones just like this. Ones that don't end they way we would like, but so true to life it's hard not to love them. Thank you for sharing it.

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