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8/1/2012 c7 ArekWhitlock
he's right...
8/1/2012 c8 ArekWhitlock
8/1/2012 c9 ArekWhitlock
8/1/2012 c10 ArekWhitlock
hope Bella is going to get help too...
8/1/2012 c11 ArekWhitlock
***cries for them**
8/1/2012 c13 ArekWhitlock
no no no no no no no...why!
they weren't ready..completely selfish!
thnk you for writing this story...
7/13/2012 c13 twilightobsessed40873a
This hits all to close to home for me. Up til about 6 months ago I done alot of the same things & then some for my brother. No matter how dangerous the place, the people or what it time it was. I'd go get him sober him up & wait for the time. I got the phone a little after 2 a.m. that he overdosed. I watched him flatline twice before they got him stable. When he woke up I told him I couldn't take it anymore nor would I watch or play a hand in his death & when he gets clean come find me & walked out. He's around & about. He doesn't know I still keep tabs on him but I haven't spoke him since that day.
6/24/2012 c13 Loveforgreeneyes
Wow. Not what I expected at all. Thanks for sharing something that has a real life consequence.
6/11/2012 c13 SillyJilly123
Such a tragic but real story. I like that this was like you said, a "sketch" or outline. Still very good and holds a lot of meaning.
4/26/2012 c13 cutealy
Thanks again for outlining another fact of life which not everyone can overcome. It is such a pity that this occurs every day everywhere. Innocent people die and the dealers and pushers make money in such a horrid way. Awareness is always the key to keep them safe...xx
3/9/2012 c13 magmom2
So sad but unfortunately, so true.
1/28/2012 c13 olivedaisychain
i was hoping they would make it, but the ending is probably more realistic. well done.
1/27/2012 c13 3062301
Damn! Me being the optimist I am, I thought at the door would be a healthy Edward & Bella!
12/28/2011 c13 1littlelizruth
ah i had a feeling. but they went together at least. and they were clean for a while. poor kids.
12/15/2011 c13 5AnnaLund
And thank you for reminding us. So fast, so dead.

Thank you for writing. Also the dark, true stories.

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