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for Power Rangers: Mesozoic Giants

12/12/2016 c29 28Son of Whitebeard
great teamwork
12/11/2016 c29 3William Lamb
YAAAAAAY! YOU'RE BACK! YOU'RE BACK! I thought that you'd had fallen off of the face of the Earth!
12/10/2016 c29 1Aquilla the Eagle
Hey welcome back. Nice to see a familiar face writing again. Story was a nice reread though there are probably gonna be a couple inconsistencies with Shattered Hourglass, as I remember you were rewriting that story as well. Hope to see you up and swinging again soon.

Aquilla the Eagle.
9/3/2014 c1 2DreamingDiamond
I really like this idea that you have here! The flow of the story is really great, it doesn't seem forced at all. I personally hope we get this updated in the near future 'cause the concept you have for this is really engrossing. This story so far is keeping me on my toes and the way it left off on a cliffhanger made me want to continue reading. This story is one I will surely keep an eye on! ;)
4/23/2013 c1 28Son of Whitebeard
Good to see the space pirate clan back
9/1/2012 c29 6Rye Lee
I love how you have Richie show up at the end to get to know Ry, it's Morphinomenal! I love this story!
8/30/2012 c29 602Ghostwriter
Awesome job. Love it. Catch ya on the flip side.
8/21/2012 c29 5WolfsbaneX
Nice ending. And "Mesozoic Saurus Power!"
8/20/2012 c29 gardien1204
thanks for the great story luck on your next one if there is one
8/20/2012 c29 10StarWriter0303
A really great ending. Almost everything is starting to be resolved. I loved the last moment with Ry and Richie, it was very thouching. Great job as always.
8/13/2012 c28 5WolfsbaneX
Corisone? Nice chapter. Just got settled in to my dorm. It's been a bit of crazy day.
8/13/2012 c28 10StarWriter0303
Really good, loved all the action and drama.
8/9/2012 c25 2Musical Astronomy
Kevin was...so...freaking...COOL in this chapter! I didn't know Kevin had it in him! He was so in control and the last line he said to Joshua,...Un! Be still my heart! That was one of the best character developments I have seen throughout your whole story. Kevin went from someone who spared Tiffany's life to totally wrecking her brother a new one! And I was so happy when he did because the Akra are so cruel.

I actually felt so sorry for Joshua. To have your body experimented on like that to the point it is not even human. To have something in your mind infecting you and destroying you mentally in order to build you back up into something inhumane and cruel...it is so horrible.

I think that scene with Kevin and Joshua truly made me see how SICK the Akra actually are, and how horrible they have treated everybody...they need to be stopped!

And Jack, you punk! How could you just leave Mary like that? He is sick and TWISTED! I don't care if it is for the 'greater' good. Instead of going after the guy's friend, HELP MARY so you BOTH can go after them! My dislike level for him as dropped about 50 degrees from neutral to,"That Douche!".

And I love the contrast you put of how Jack, who symbolizes the manlier Ranger in Ivory running away from helping a teammate, yet Kevin in his most feminine form is the one who actual MANS up and saves her...it was wonderful! Grade A work.
8/9/2012 c24 Musical Astronomy
Wow! Lol, I actually read this a while back, but I didn't review for some reason that I cannot remember, but wow! Tiffany is such a freaking...PUTTY! I hate her SO much! Kevin should have just let Jack take 'care' of her when he had the chance.

I knew that would come back and bite them in the arse. But, I am happy Belle was there to teach Tiffany a lesson even though all ZED is about to break loose! It is really war now, and I cannot wait to see if the Rangers can handle themselves because so far they are being minced by the Akra!
8/8/2012 c27 6Rye Lee
This is AWESOME, I love the color choices and the fact Dwayne gets an hourglass morpher is great. The final battle will be INCREDIBLE and can't wait to see what happens.
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