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for Return of Titanosaurus

1/27/2017 c17 20HeatseekerX51
Now that's a Godzilla story that Togo should adopt. Superb writing, excellent pacing, fantastic character selection.
11/11/2016 c9 18Empty Promise
Why are all the villians in so many of your stories (The earlier ones) so...contradictory? I can agree America are assholes, and it seems almost noble to force us to peace...but then working with a madman and having a huge monster level an entire city...killing millions...makes you no better then those they accused.
4/12/2015 c8 Guest
Oh NOES! Godzilla lost the fight! D: Come on big guy! You need to come back for a rematch! Dont let that overgrown lizard best you!
5/29/2014 c12 45Supermoi
And he is back in action! :D yay!
5/28/2014 c9 Supermoi
God this guy's a wuss he's really going to leave the US open to all and any attack from other countries that held a grudge against them? Stupid!
5/28/2014 c7 Supermoi
Oh hell yes! Godzilla's here!
5/28/2014 c6 Supermoi
God this story is very exciting! :D
5/27/2014 c4 Supermoi
Damn aliens! Find another planet to invade! ):
3/28/2012 c17 BigFriendlyGun9000
It was great. You show a Clancy-like writing style, you know that? Also, the final battle between Godzilla and Titanosaurus was wonderful. Great work. And I will be trying to get a copy of Dark wings over spring break.
3/27/2012 c17 32DIM666 - Insane Leader
Dude...that was AWESOME!

Totally worth the time it took to read it all! I'd say, due to how perfectly you captured the political landscape of nations most people can't find on the map *I can find them on a map* is...AMAZING! This has GOT to be one of the top 10 best stories I've read on this site!
3/27/2012 c3 DIM666 - Insane Leader
Ok, I'm hooked.
3/13/2012 c13 Dark Fox Tailz
I'm just pointing out one small mistake about Buffalo Bayou Park that you made, it's more in-land? It isn't anywhere on a map between the George R Brown Convention Center/Minute Maid Park and the Pasadena Freeway.
3/6/2012 c12 Dark Fox Tailz
I was just kind of wondering, when you'll might update again with the next chapter?
2/20/2012 c10 12Admiral Larsen
And here I thought I was cynical with my own Godzilla stories. But this, well this takes the cake. Once the threat is gone, how the hell is this going to get fixed.
2/6/2012 c10 BigFriendlyGun9000
Alright! US in civil war, mass hysteria all over the world, Godzilla wounded...I really hope you're considering that nuclear bomb for Godzilla. I think the pussfication of the US shouldn't last long. Godzilla should stomp Titanosaurus to the ground, and the Simbakku roasted with him. Youre good, sir. You write like a pro, and you may very well be.
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