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for digilegents

12/30/2015 c4 Udejcd
Great story enough reading fanfanfic that the first diglegents becomes legend or fairly tale hate karly
6/10/2014 c3 Sevvus
;C I want morrrreee
10/14/2012 c3 NatNicole
If you haven't decided what'll happen, how about getting the Frontier kids to end up back in time through some sort of warp on Vile Island? To two months after the defeat of MaloMyotismon?
8/16/2012 c3 XxAyanexX
skip your writers block go on with the story
7/19/2012 c3 molli
when you get over writers block i look forward to the next chapters
7/8/2012 c3 Guest
You should tell in the next chapter about the digidestined who once came to the island. that's a start
4/22/2012 c3 Idea girl
Ideas for next chapter:

-electmon flash back of missing digimon

-switch to someone else's view that's not involved in the situation

-random digimon attack

-flash back of digidestin fights
12/28/2011 c2 mysticmoon1331
would like to read more. please update asap, in the meantime i wish you good luck and no writers block in this and all of your future writings. good luck!
12/21/2011 c2 66TheKeyToDestiny
Nice story you have here. You might want to improve on your spelling and grammar. If you like I can beta for you.
12/18/2011 c2 Allycat
I love this chapter and i want to read more of the story. I can not wait to find out what happened to the digidestend.

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