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for Help of a Seer

5/17 c26 odonnellzoo99
A true joy to read each time.
5/8 c7 Wantaknow
so the lawnbut ass bitch didnt see if harrys godfather got a trial bullshit your story was good up until this bullshit chapter..
3/22 c8 Guest
It's kind of hilarious that the person breaking into the house, is calling the OWNERS intruders. But then, Death Eaters are so self absorbed they probably think that they 'own' the house, by simple fact of... walking into it and trying to murder the owners.
1/30 c23 Shadeymankey
Okay. After his changes i like him. Snape is very OOC but thats the point of fanfic isnt it?
1/30 c10 Shadeymankey
I want snape dead. I do not appreciate him being included. Regardless of caring for his movie portrayal, his book self was unrepentant evil until at the very end JKR “felt bad” and changed him.
1/8 c1 Guest
"I have read several stories where Luna is some kind of a Seer. But none of them seem to really take advantage of her abilities"

That's because it ruins her character and makes her ooc af,it's one of the worst tropes in this fandom, let's hope this story can pull it off.
1/5 c1 Guest
"Everyone, except you it appears, knows Harry has black blood from his Grandmother!"

Lol calling people a dumbass and then you quote something that's fanon and not true? Lmao, dumbass.
12/12/2023 c26 1EkaterinaSteele
enjoyed this story!
12/7/2023 c26 Jhawkins19
This has been a wonderful reimagining of the magical world. While I admit, at first it was a little difficult to justify the radical deviations from the canon i grew with and have loved for so long, your story telling and dedication to the story were beautiful and I felt the old familiar tug to return to this world every time I looked away. Bravo and thank you for the adventure!
12/2/2023 c26 sonotawriter
Great story I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for writing it.
11/20/2023 c24 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great (re)read! This holds up well.
When reading stories like this I'm always reminded that the Prophecy does not specify _which_ Dark Lord Harry must vanquish.
It's always fun when he manages the pair!
9/12/2023 c26 Guddu15
It's been a beautiful story to read. Loved all the planning and plotting the clan was doing. Very well written story. Enjoyed reading it.
8/5/2023 c7 1HarGrif
Damn what a dumbass you are, do your research and stop making excuses. Everyone, except you it appears, knows Harry has black blood from his Grandmother! I was really enjoying this story but you ruined that!
5/3/2023 c26 MSanderlin
I've enjoyed this AU world you have created. Thank you.
4/23/2023 c11 Chi Vayne
So now that Tom knows about the kids killing off his DEs, he can finally exclaim "And I would have succeeded, if it hadn't been for these meddling kids."
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