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2/1/2018 c8 missgsmith51
He-he-he ... **evil giggling** I love it when the TRULY good guys get one over on Dumbo. He is just as "slippery" as Lucius Malfoy, IMO. It looks as though his power base is being dismantled by Amelia, the Longbottoms, and five teens.

I'm glad the Grangers managed to survive the attack, thanks to the kids. I find it interesting that Dumbledore, even with the alarm wards in place, arrived AFTER the danger was over ... kind of like what happened at Godric's Hollow in 1981. He didn't actually go to GH, of course; he sent Hagrid instead.

It's pretty amazing that Muggle Demerol works on Cruciatus-inflicted pain. I hope the DEs don't find out, or there will be a run on the stuff. I wonder if a potion can be created that incorporates the same ingredients. Some potioneer would make a bundle.
2/1/2018 c6 missgsmith51
I like your explanation of the pre-Mark. I was actually assuming it was something similar, a sort of preliminary way of "earmarking" those who would later become fully fledged DEs.

Sadly, Hermione reacted as I suspected she would. I would have thought the Firebolt Incident might have taught her the importance Harry places on loyalty, but I guess it didn't. She is very like Dumbledore in one respect - she thinks she knows what is best for everyone. She really has no one other than herself to blame for the loss of Harry's friendship.

I'm glad Harry has Luna to keep him focused. Otherwise, Hermione's betrayal really would have crushed him, as he said. He doesn't yet know it, but it seems as though Molly has also betrayed Harry. I wonder if Ron and Ginny are also on that list.

Great story, BTW.
1/20/2018 c16 Guest
I'm glad you had Hermione actually kill someone like you did with everyone else. The fact that she had not been responsible for someone's death really bothered me because it separated her from the others who had all shared that common experience. It would have been a way for Hermione to feel superior to the others, which she can't do now. On the other hand, I find it so highly unlikely that the Granger's were so unaware of the their daughter's pain. You had them be the world's worst parents!
1/11/2018 c26 3jadethetroll
wow. i really liked this story. i really appreciate that you highlighted/marked passages that had triggers in them.
Storywise i am totally into the clan-building theme and i think you nailed that pretty good. While i often read storys of sorta-clan-building around Harry there are normally no adults (at least not mature ones - Sirius has missed a lot in that regard) involved because of his distrust. And while i'm started out prefering adult-less stories i can, now that i am maturer, see the benefit the adults brought to the mental health of all involved.
You incorporated Lunas Seer talent and her visions good into the continuency and during this first read i have not noticed any plot holes.
Well done.
12/28/2017 c26 PapaG125
Very good story! I've read hundreds of fanfics and this is truly an original one! Must read!
11/20/2017 c15 vysirez
I know this is an older story but I wanted to say I have a bit of a problem with Amelia's threat against Luna here. Since the clan was using Luna's abilities to react to attacks, what Amelia just did was basically threaten to imprison Luna unless she agreed to serve the DMLE. Legally I can't see how Luna could be required to give advance notice to the DMLE of attacks, so Ameliea is basically threatening prison to force Luna to work for them. I kno it doesn't make much difference to the story since Luna goes along with it.
10/22/2017 c26 babiluv22
I dont think Luna was Luna enough but I really liked this story
9/15/2017 c17 Smutley D W
Seems lame insane to make Hannah bear rapist's child. Plus the choices seemed rather dumb, birth control vs pain relief and quicker recovery. Other than nutty anti-birth control magic culture POV, nonsensical she's written up as pregnant.
9/15/2017 c10 Smutley Do Wrong
On mobile no telling without switching to not mobile view, if long abandoned or complete.

So just a short suggestion:
Considering general werewolf portrayal as SUPER FAST SUPER STRONG super resilient.
Close quarters seems VERY RISKY.
Cap and ball, very clumsy hard to master marksmanship.
Blunderbuss and dragoon seem better fit.
Much better, simply use bullet reloader tools to load silver bullets into regular casings, of modern firearms.
Double ditto for shotgun shells.

Kill at distance first blood: via rifle with silver bullets. Werewolves charge, drop rifle and pick up shotgun with shells loaded with silver shot. Or sawed off shotgun, a better modern version of blunderbuss. For silver as toxic effect, drilling and other modification of silver projectiles, to make silver fragments and "poison" instead of pass thru and out the target.
Snape is a potion master, how about potions for gassing or blowing up the group, to get them in disarray, delayed in counterattacking?
Heck, make or pack silver around grenade or any explosive. They have magicals, stealing from rich fart gun clubs or military armory not hard, no need to buy in USA. Plus some of Europe have much looser gun laws, guns for sale or theft.
9/8/2017 c26 lmill123
I really loved reading this story and I loved the ending. Loved how certain people got what they deserved. Was sad at the loss of Molly, Ron and Ginny, but in the new order of things and the changes I feel they wouldn't have adjusted well and wouldn't have gotten past what Harry ended up doing to Dumbledore. Always believed that Ron and Ginny were too much under the thumb of Molly and her way of thinking. Despite what she claimed, she was very narrow minded. Looking forward to reading more of your stories
8/31/2017 c8 Guest
how the hell is longbottom lord black make's no sense based on the way they run tings in magical Britain
6/7/2017 c26 mab70
Marvelous story! I am very glad I found this to read.
Thank you for sharing your talent!
5/31/2017 c1 leiiliita
This story is really nice and I like the couples you did , Harry and Luna have so much potential together , but here is the dilemnaI like the involvement of the non magical world , and the active role of nearly all the adult , But I can't help my feeling that it's a little easy I mean of course They have to deal with killing , but they have so much superiority than their enemiesa very very competent seerby the way she is Mary sue borderline for me(no offense) even if at the end she loose her gift and prove at multiple times That she is not perfect) , "the lovegood magic", the help of the muggle world, a very well protected and hidden refuge and so on ...
Despite this I really loved to read your story ! Kisses S.
5/26/2017 c26 Guest
Wow, this is very good.
5/8/2017 c26 1Bearmauls
Enjoyable. I think the cast of characters got a little too large towards the end for me to really feel focused and connected to everything going on, but certainly worth the reading time. It's annoyingly hard to find a good Harry/Luna story, especially one that doesn't treat Luna as a manic pixie dream girl with little to contribute besides humorous one-liners.
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