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5/8/2017 c26 1Bearmauls
Enjoyable. I think the cast of characters got a little too large towards the end for me to really feel focused and connected to everything going on, but certainly worth the reading time. It's annoyingly hard to find a good Harry/Luna story, especially one that doesn't treat Luna as a manic pixie dream girl with little to contribute besides humorous one-liners.
5/8/2017 c21 Bearmauls
It seems a bit odd that they are able and willing to involve the non-magical government, but not to the extent that it would solve all their problems. A known location and time in an isolated area is a perfect opportunity to involve the military in a significant way. Added bonus if you pair wizards with them to make them invisible. Or even just airdrop a large explosive onto the ceremony, take em all out in one fell swoop.
5/7/2017 c12 Bearmauls
Is the option that Robyn refuses to discuss healing Hannah and then getting an abortion if she conceives? Cause it is seriously not cool for a medical professional to restrict the medical advice they offer to a patient based on their personal opinions. Makes me lose a lot of respect for Ms Granger.
5/7/2017 c10 Bearmauls
I don't think you would need an old-school revolver to accomplish this. It's fairly easy to handload even modern ammunition, or to cast your own bullets for them. It was a nice bit of history, though :)
5/7/2017 c5 Bearmauls
Feels like there is a continuity error here. Tracey and Daphne were attacked by Malfoy specifically because they were unmarked, but later you imply that they needed to have their marks removed by Luna's special archway. Possibly the same situation with Blaise, given that he was preparing to be marked that night.
4/13/2017 c26 Shadowdog11
Bah. I wanted Dumbledore gutted too. Good story overall. I do prefer a stronger Mrs. Granger and some of the weapons training stuff was meh, but I still think you did a great job. I like your writing style and handling of dialogue. I've never seen Hermione with Bill where it wasn't some weird story. That was pretty cool and oddly fitting. I feel like if it's not with Harry I'll hold every story to that idea now.
4/5/2017 c26 Blazeb79
This was a well thought out and great story, I absolutely loved it.
2/19/2017 c7 ThunderSphinx

2/14/2017 c26 suziq968
Loved this. The storyline was great. You dealt with angst without burying us in it. There were several lol moments. Albus got exactly what he deserved. You even had a solid non rushed ending. Great job!
12/17/2016 c26 20Shadow Silvertongue
Absolutely loved this story, it was brilliant and very well written. I look forward to seeing what else you've written. Keep writing such fantastic stories, you're a great author.

Shadow x
10/20/2016 c1 himalay1729
Exceeds expectations
9/25/2016 c26 28VonPelt
I liked the story although at a certain point you feel that two different stories were merged (Harry&Luna and the snake story). I liked Harry and Luna alone better but overall I still enjoyed the read.
9/19/2016 c4 Books85
I really appreciate a fanfiction that gives citations for where ideas come from, author, title and year. So much easier to look it up to order it or request it for ILL. Thank you for that. Fanfiction is great and all, but when one is enthralled by a concept that is inspired by a published book, nothing beats reading the original. I also like reading fanfiction recommendations but that function is filled by the favorites tab on the profiles.
Off I go on my hobbyhorse!
Thank you for sharing your work.
9/13/2016 c26 14old-crow

Thanks for telling a very entertaining tale. I had an enjoyable day reading it.

Having told a few stories myself, I've learned that some readers (readers, not storytellers) will argue with an author over what day it is, and should generally either be ignored or placed on your banned from reviewing list. They've made no contributions to the FF community and aren't worth your time, or consideration.

That said, I did enjoy your use of a cap and ball revolver for the werewolves/general protection. I thought that was an inspired idea.

All the best to you and thanks for sharing your story.

9/9/2016 c25 Thunderbird2
Hahahha that was brilliant making dumbles a squib,great why has no one done this.
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