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for Help of a Seer

6/26/2016 c26 BorviX
A very well written take on Luna as a seer using her powers for good. Thank you
5/25/2016 c26 Duchess67
Wow, this story was impressive and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing it with us!
5/13/2016 c26 9WyrdSmith
You know, I'm about to give you a review that I myself have repeatedly gotten on one of my fics - a review that ALWAYS both amuses and annoys me. Please be certain that what I say is complimentary and in no way a true criticism.

This story is a hidden gem. The title and description had me keeping it on the back burner to read someday, when I was out of what I felt was more intriguing fics to read. However, I started reading this last night and finished this morning. I did not go to sleep at all. Your story was very well-written AND well-crafted. Your characters were interesting and relatable. You built tension perfectly, and each resolution was satisfying. My only regret was putting the story off as long as I did.

You'd think I'd know better! Many thanks.
4/20/2016 c16 silver death
thank you for such an wonderful chap old' chap
4/20/2016 c15 silver death
I loved it! Are you gonna kill off luna or just make her seer abilities disappear
4/19/2016 c26 CoolFanfictionLover
wow finally finished
loved this story
please do continue
bye sumi
4/14/2016 c26 4Purple Fire Dragon
I think your story was great. About your comment about making nevile a black so what it's your poetic license to change things a bit. :-)
4/10/2016 c26 SeleneBoxer
This was a good story :)
2/20/2016 c26 15Saissa
This was a very nice story. Cant believe I never read it before!
2/20/2016 c19 Saissa
I'm not sure if this is canon or fanon, bit it is my understanding that whomever marries the head of House Black must be a pureblood. Hannah Abbot is not a pureblood. She is a half blood.
2/20/2016 c17 Saissa
So shall we say that Hermione and Bill get together, and probably Daphne with Charlie?

Although I dont see what Daphne and Charlie could possibly have in common.
He looks after dragons and she was an ice princess!
2/20/2016 c11 Saissa
Who is Mark? the two Giurds for Madam Bones were Thomas and Amantha - so I am confused about Mark.

I am also curious as to what happened at Number 12 Grimmauld Place if Ron and Ginny died there!
2/20/2016 c8 Saissa
Good to see that Dumbles has been neutralised so well and publicly!
2/20/2016 c7 Saissa
Draco is dead and Neville IS one day older than Harry and all 3 boys have Black ancestry - so I agree with your reasoning of how Neville became the new head of House Black.

Although it is NOT canon that Augusta was also a Black - but this is fan fiction so a little artistic license is permitted!

My impression is that the Unspeakable named Croaker is Augusta's brother which means Augusta's maiden name was Croaker. That is how I interpret things anyway.
2/8/2016 c20 SuperVegitoFAN
i LOVE 50c in games. the m82 is in co bo2 and looks (rectangular muzzle) a lot line the one from new vegas. given the fallout backstory and when black ops take place it very likely is that one
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