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for Help of a Seer

4/12/2015 c26 2thonez
great story
4/11/2015 c26 3Minalumos
This was a truly wonderful story, im glad to have read it.
3/1/2015 c6 Ron
Thanks for the info on your conception of the pre-mark - that answers the question.
3/1/2015 c5 Ron
I thought Draco was using his elevated status from being marked by getting it a day early to justify (not that in his mind he couldn't have some other way) going after Daphne/Tracey - meaning D/T weren't marked yet. So why did they have the mark for the arch to remove? Thanks for writing. :-)
1/25/2015 c26 scrosby66
Wonderful story, I loved it all! Thanks for writing!
1/18/2015 c26 keichan2
This is a really good story!

I had a nice time reading it!

Thanks for sharing!
1/6/2015 c25 6sfjoellen
a really great story, especially the fight scenes, very kinetic. Tom could have been a bigger threat but overall it's amazingly good. And you didn't bash to do it! And it's complete! You are a rare bear!

thanks again, I enjoyed it a lot, even considering I'm rereading it.
1/4/2015 c26 YaGHeofttHaeLubvit216
An outstanding story.

I have greatly enjoyed reading it nearly non-stop for three days.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift of writing fanfiction.

I'm looking forward to reading all of your work in the near future.

Very best regards!

12/24/2014 c2 1daithi4377
I wondered if it would take the horcrux out of his head or not...well now we know why the mattresses are there and why Luna say his head bandaged up..Wonder if he had blocks on his magic if they would be removed as well?
12/24/2014 c1 daithi4377
It's sad that Luna lost both parents but hopefully with Harry's help her father's death will gave meaning other than to bring her seer ability to the front.
11/13/2014 c26 Guest
Dumbles a Squib? That takes some balls! Well done!
9/29/2014 c26 2thekecmaster
This is a very good story. The only part I didn't like was the seer's abduction, mainly because I thought an extra scene could have been used to detail how the seer got kidnapped. But overall, I thought it was well-written.
8/21/2014 c26 9Katzenpfote
This is a very good story. I enjoyed reading it a lot. I especially liked how you dealt with dumbledore. Thanks for writing.
8/14/2014 c26 1WitchyFlorry
Brilliant story, really enjoyed it, Hermione and Bill!? Mind blown never would have paired them or Daphne to be honest but I love them together. I'm glad manipulator Dumbledore was bought down a peg or two... The epilogue was beautifully written, love this fanfic so much!
6/4/2014 c26 angeltrin1
Well done! This was a sweet story that I really liked. I love all of your ships and am glad you wrote it. Thank you!
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