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10/17/2012 c26 MargaritaS
a very interesting read. well done.
10/17/2012 c26 mekareami
Thank you for a most enjoyable story. Well written with characters that I really bonded with. I look forward to reading more of your work. Tyvm for writing
10/17/2012 c12 Bladre MKT
are hermione and daphne hooking up or not?! for real, everybody in the fic seemsto think so!...
10/17/2012 c8 Bladre MKT
oh dear... now THATS a voting block...
10/16/2012 c7 Bladre MKT
actually, i didnt ever read that part of the lexicon... in fact, neville wins the titl over harry since his black family memeber was the grandmother, harrys was the greatgrandmother. draco its the first in line as he is the son of a black, then neville, then harry... interesting... this is fic-changing! im sooooo PM-ing this to some friends!
10/16/2012 c3 Bladre MKT
an interesting way to deal with it, stating that the soul fragment of the horcruz its encased in a magic shell. nver have though about it quite like that...
10/16/2012 c2 Bladre MKT
i can almost see that last scene in my mind, sound like an interesting travel...
10/12/2012 c7 Sibling Creature
"The head of Noble and Most Ancient houses is determined by the convoluted laws of inheritance only. So cousin Sirius could not designate that honor."

This seems an odd usage of the word inheritance which I would not consider to necessarily indicate a familial tie. (eg if Sirius willed his estate to say Hermione, that would still be inheritance) I think a more appropriate term in this case would be heredity.

- SC
10/2/2012 c17 170Vaneria Potter
I did two one-shots on Much Ado About Nothing.
Beatrice and Benedick seriously win at life!
9/25/2012 c26 73VizeerLord
good story
MY issues deal with who I place where.
Madam Bones never runs for Office, Minnie serves Gryffindor with pride before Albus, things like that.
I am placing as a Fav Author, & in my top 10
9/22/2012 c26 2Bad Wolf Jen
This was an exalent read
9/11/2012 c15 dragonlordrb
OK (i know I say that a lot.), you integrate the game well with your story. I would have thought that Ron and Ginny would have used the floo to get to "headquarters", or ask for passage that way. If they had taken an emergency portkey it seems that it should have taken them inside, for what use is it if you have to be dropped outside then "remember" where it is and enter. I would have thought that the kids portkey would have been to Hogwarts anyway.
9/11/2012 c11 dragonlordrb
not a good ending to Grimmauld place, or the Weasleys for that matter. Ron was always quite a git.
9/10/2012 c7 dragonlordrb
Interesting,because I always thought Harry was closer than Draco or Neville.
9/10/2012 c4 dragonlordrb
doing good. I'm impressed. this is seeming to be a Luna story I can enjoy. I figure the snakes are Greengrass and Davis, since they only seem to be making 2 medallions. Unless Harry's old medallion can quickly be modified for Zabbini.
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