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7/14/2012 c23 48shiro-wolfman-k
You know, it might sound sadist, but I was expecting at least for two or four of them to die, but well, the fact that not a lot of them died, (and so far only Cannon fodder did). Could be said it was only thanks to how prepared they where.

Another thing that was hard to swallow was Hermione with Bill, even if I already knew about that before I reached that point. It's just hard for me to see her with a Weasley, even if it's William.
7/14/2012 c22 shiro-wolfman-k
I think you underestimate your abilties, but it is your decition, this was a tense chapter I must tell you, mostly because you gave us only tiny fragments of what's to come. Then, our imagination works much more to fill those gaps.

So let's see who died and who did not.
7/14/2012 c21 shiro-wolfman-k
Long time eh? Well, I can see that you worked hard to increase slowly the tension in this chapter. Good job I might say.
7/13/2012 c11 Noradin
You sending the Slytherins instead of Harry and Luna to the Weasleys seems like a plot device to kill those off - especially as you seem to dislike them in your other stories, too.
7/13/2012 c4 Noradin
I get the feeling you should have put "romance" first and "adventure" second in the description of this story. It can get a bit much but i like the adventure part of it and the ideas you use, so I will read on.
7/12/2012 c26 7lyaser53
That was a lot of would be nice to write the story of The Granger School! I hope you write it!
7/11/2012 c26 16Chris Robins
That was an excellent story! Thank you very much for sharing and taking the time to write it.
7/6/2012 c26 that1
That was fun to read again a second time
7/1/2012 c26 4MdmsrSilvrene
This was excellent! I really enjoyed it. I also actually enjoyed that Luna did not keep her Seer's gift past the time it was needed. I love the institution of a pre-Hogwarts magical primary school- I've long thought that, were the HP universe real, something like that would serve the entire population in good stead. Thank you.
7/1/2012 c26 Man of Kent - Railwayman
A really good story well written, including the deaths, not like I have seen where they are pretty much just listed after the battle as a sort of 'add on,' so they made sense and were believable.
6/25/2012 c26 Ninjamaster-255
Wonderful story i loved it i also loved little jenny's comment at the end
6/24/2012 c26 Anthony Oliveras
In. Fucking. Credible. You are an awesome writer and I highly reccomend that you continue to write as much as you see fit, even continuing the trend and attempting to become a published author. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, all the twists and cliffies (which aren't such a bad thing! They keep interest up!) and the plot was well put together, the side relationships were developed well and capped with the epilogue, and although I would have loved a true sex scene at some point, I can be considered a horny bastard. 10/10, two thumbs up. Congratulations. -SR
6/23/2012 c26 akan
bonne fic!
6/20/2012 c26 Lathena Mercion
Awesome, excellent story. Your characters were flawed and beautiful. The ending with them introducing a new little girl to everything was a perfect way to tie things up. In addition, I liked that you made an effort to reference things and have the facts. It's true you weren't always correct, but I have found that authors that try in this fashion are almost always better quality writers than those who don't-you follow that rule. I really liked your cast of characters and the way that you incorporated magical and non-magical skill sets. I look forward to reading your other stories, as I enjoyed this one a great deal. However, I may need to wait a while, since your writing is far too distracting :-)

Thank you for writing and posting this and other stories!
6/16/2012 c20 48shiro-wolfman-k
So the Muggles are now involved as well, at least, partially, and well, finally Luna has regained the control over her life and plans. So Charlie did a reasonable thing, for a great deal of people he might be a coward, but he knew that what he and Daphne had was just a physical attraction that in the end would end up as a dissaster.

Still, this is the last chapter for a while for me, I have to bath myself and go to the university. Still thank you for the story.
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