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5/20/2018 c26 Warthogs anag
Thank you for writing this story. I have enjoyed reading it as much the second time as I did the first.
4/17/2018 c2 antim1santhrope
im trying to read this but the dumbledore hate is so unrealistic... i fine with dumbledore bashing... I've read plenty of fanfics with a dumbledore bashing... but you can't jump so far off cannon so fast when you are using cannon cannon Harry hero Worships. Dumbledore. you have to start the bashing slow or have your own short recap of books 1-5 of Harry not liking DDore
4/6/2018 c26 2trekkifulron
Really liked this one.
2/19/2018 c8 Guest
2/2/2018 c26 missgsmith51
Thanks for sharing your lovely story. It is nice to read a story where the good guys survive and thrive. I'm so glad Dumbledore received his proper comeuppance. I'm also glad the Grangers found a place in the Magical world. They certainly can be credited for providing a loving and nurturing environment for the wounded souls they found at the Reserve. I think they truly came to see the kids as their surrogate children ... and vice versa. By accepting him as he was, they even played a large role in healing Snape from the years of damage done to him by his father, Dumbledore, Voldemort, and anyone else.

I like Bill and Hermione as a couple. It sounds as though Daphne will join that household, but will it be as a second wife or a concubine? The same situation seems to exist with Neville, Susan, and Hannah, although it appears she will take the Black name, correct? I suppose Daphne and Hannah have suffered too much trauma to be able to handle conventional marriages. This way, both are protected legally and won't be shunned by Magical society.

I'm glad Harry has a more conventional marriage ... as conventional as it can be with Luna. I like that pairing, because I see Harry as a wounded soul, from all of the trauma and loss he has suffered. Luna has the patience and gentleness to allow Harry to heal at his own pace. She also seems to instinctively know what he needs.

Tonks and Charlie ... I'll bet that relationship is wild and woolly. I think they're a perfect match!

Again, thanks for sharing.
2/2/2018 c25 missgsmith51
I'm glad Luna is safely back to herself. I wonder how much damage was done to her seer abilities by the Dementors.

Well, it looks as if Dumbledore was hoisted with his own petard. Based on Harry's musings afterwards, it sounds as if the old coot had some rather evil plans for both Luna and Harry. That Greater Good ... he never actually says what it is. I've often wondered how some of those who felt he could do no wrong would feel if they knew what the Greater Good really was.

Harry a teacher? Well, we know he was great with the DA, so who knows?
2/2/2018 c24 missgsmith51
I knew it! That sick, twisted old perv. How can Fawkes remain loyal to him? That reminds me ... where is Fawkes? Will he make a dramatic entrance to steal Dumbledore away? I just hope Dumbledore truly gets what is coming to him ... for the Greater Good, of course.
2/2/2018 c23 missgsmith51
It's pretty amazing that not one of Luna's Clan died. I was sure Albus would attempt to stir up some trouble and endanger everyone, interfere with the ritual, or just manage to get Luna killed. After all, he wanted to separate her from Harry. I could see him getting her killed for his Greater Good. I wonder what's next with him. Does he realize Harry's Horcrux is gone?

I'm curious to know if he will declare Harry and Luna to be Dark Lord and Dark Lady and try to prosecute them for the dead DEs. After all ... they could have been saved. Yeah, Right!

It looks like Snape has well and truly left the Bat of the Dungeons behind and is moving toward a happily ever after with Narcissa. I hope they get it.
2/1/2018 c19 missgsmith51
I swear ... you jam more critical content into a chapter than some people put in an entire story! I can't help being amazed that you completed this story so quickly, given the depth of character and plot development I am seeing.

I still worry about Dumbledore. His need for public adulation and being in control of EVERYBODY is worrisome. I find myself wondering if he expects to get his Headmaster position back after he does whatever he is planning to do in the Wizengamot. My guess is that he is going to attempt to wrest control of Harry once more. I think he should be sanctioned in some way for serving illegally as both Chief Warlock and Headmaster ... and doing it with full awareness.

I hope Remus can mend his fences with Harry, but I suspect Dumbledore will attempt to use him to get to Harry.

I'm glad Minerva's excess commitments have been addressed. IMO, she has been a "disengaged" head of house. Her Gryffindors have received very little guidance from her during Harry's time at Hogwarts. It doesn't matter how brilliant a teacher she is if she hasn't time to teach properly. Fortunately, she has not let her teaching suffer. Her house kids, unfortunately, have suffered from gross neglect. It will be interesting to see how things change under new leadership.

I'm worried about Luna. Has she seen her own or Harry's death? :(
2/1/2018 c15 missgsmith51
So Dumbledore finally overstepped his authority and Bill and Arthur called him on it. Good job! BTW, shouldn't the Legilimency probe result in Dumbledore being arrested? If Bill tells the Goblins, I have a feeling the old goat is going to be WAY more miserable than he currently thinks he is. I wonder if his stunts at the Burrow will result in any of his supporters pulling said support and throwing it behind Amelia. Will it convince Order members that his obsession with controlling Harry is wrong?

What was up with collecting wands? Why would he even attempt it? Why would "his people," whoever they are, even try? Can you imagine the bloodbath that would have happened if that little endeavor had been allowed to take place? It would have been much worse, and the victims would not have been the DEs. Dumbledore should definitely be questioned by DMLE for that attempted stunt.
2/1/2018 c13 missgsmith51
Sight such as Luna's must be nerve-wracking. I love that you have her as the real focal point of the story. She was such a wasted character in the books, as was Neville.

I wonder ... aren't Harry and Luna worried about Dumbledore possibly grabbing Harry if they attend the funeral? Or has their knowledge of the Horcruxes negated his obsessive need to "guide" Harry to his chosen destiny? I wonder if he will be told about Harry's Horcrux.

I hope none of our kids lose their lives. Well, none of the adults, either, come to think of it.
2/1/2018 c10 missgsmith51
I really enjoy the stories that embrace the adult Grangers and acknowledge their ability to make useful contributions within any Magical family of which they are a part. Robst is very good at this in his stories, as are most of the authors who are Harry/Hermione shippers. Because both Harry and Luna are compassionate, understanding, and smart enough to see beyond the "nonmagical" label, it isn't surprising they would enfold the Grangers into their "clan."

Unsurprisingly, stories that feature Hermione/Ron pairings don't usually do much with the Grangers. I think Hermione tends to become "contaminated" by the attitude that Wizards are superior to non Magicals - an attitude that seems to be held by Ron and Molly, at the very least. Here, the Grangers' medical knowledge, Evan's knowledge and ability with firearms, and both Robyn and Evan's counseling abilities are acknowledged, welcomed, and put to good use.

"Officially, I have to hunt this group down, just like we hunt down any other criminals. Unofficially, I am ignoring this group." I'm glad Amelia seems to understand that their "vigilantes" are on their side. Sparing the life of the new Werewolf victim and the recommendation of Remus to help her definitely changes the nature of the actions of Snape and Evan from cold murder to something less sinister and actually helpful.

This is a very interesting story.
2/1/2018 c8 missgsmith51
He-he-he ... **evil giggling** I love it when the TRULY good guys get one over on Dumbo. He is just as "slippery" as Lucius Malfoy, IMO. It looks as though his power base is being dismantled by Amelia, the Longbottoms, and five teens.

I'm glad the Grangers managed to survive the attack, thanks to the kids. I find it interesting that Dumbledore, even with the alarm wards in place, arrived AFTER the danger was over ... kind of like what happened at Godric's Hollow in 1981. He didn't actually go to GH, of course; he sent Hagrid instead.

It's pretty amazing that Muggle Demerol works on Cruciatus-inflicted pain. I hope the DEs don't find out, or there will be a run on the stuff. I wonder if a potion can be created that incorporates the same ingredients. Some potioneer would make a bundle.
2/1/2018 c6 missgsmith51
I like your explanation of the pre-Mark. I was actually assuming it was something similar, a sort of preliminary way of "earmarking" those who would later become fully fledged DEs.

Sadly, Hermione reacted as I suspected she would. I would have thought the Firebolt Incident might have taught her the importance Harry places on loyalty, but I guess it didn't. She is very like Dumbledore in one respect - she thinks she knows what is best for everyone. She really has no one other than herself to blame for the loss of Harry's friendship.

I'm glad Harry has Luna to keep him focused. Otherwise, Hermione's betrayal really would have crushed him, as he said. He doesn't yet know it, but it seems as though Molly has also betrayed Harry. I wonder if Ron and Ginny are also on that list.

Great story, BTW.
1/20/2018 c16 Guest
I'm glad you had Hermione actually kill someone like you did with everyone else. The fact that she had not been responsible for someone's death really bothered me because it separated her from the others who had all shared that common experience. It would have been a way for Hermione to feel superior to the others, which she can't do now. On the other hand, I find it so highly unlikely that the Granger's were so unaware of the their daughter's pain. You had them be the world's worst parents!
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